Trying to understand how to rank


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Feb 21, 2018
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Appreciate your feedback!
I'm trying to understand what is more important and what less to be ranked higher and get more organic traffic. I compared the following websites:

In red I've written the organic traffic for each one of them. From this small comparison, it can be seen that DA is influenced by the number of external follow links but it isnt necessarily a very strong factor for organic traffic (Site 2 with DA of 24 but traffic of 13.1K) . I can see that internal links are not really helpful (site 1 with hardly any traffic but many internal links), The number of followed linking domains seems to be the strongest factor.
My questions: How did site 4 get to 74K links from only 295 domains? How did site 1 get to 473K internal links? Why is site 2 doing so well (is it only the followed linking domains?).
I know it is more complicated than this but since time and money are limited I'm trying to understand where should the focus go to.