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  1. Alis_

    How To Outrank Outdated Websites in Local Search Rankings?

    I want to compete against some of the local websites that are waaay outdated, with really bad on/off site SEO. These websites mostly lack SEO completely (no h1/h2..., bad keywords, shit content, etc.) and were created around 10 years ago with no updates whatsoever. This could be because the...


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  4. AdvertiserLeads

    I wouldn't touch SEO without a 5 figure budget

    "There are no easy keywords anywhere anymore. I wouldn't touch SEO without a 5 figure budget, but that's me." The other day I was talking to someone I respect from this forum, I found his opinion interesting, and I want to know what you think.
  5. Azuolas

    Updating old pages helps improve/regain rank ?

    I am just planning this jan 1st week to update my old pages in the website and see if that helps to improve/regain ranks on my old urls, so here is my work plan... i just wanted to get some suggestions on the list. 1. For my target kw, will check the top 5 sites content length and accordingly...
  6. 2.jpg


    Samurai Rankslasher Thread Part-2
  7. 1.jpg


    Samurai Rankslasher Premium PBN Service
  8. S


    Hello, I have a question, how do I appear in more than one keyword in one field? I see sites with 50 articles, and they appear in more than 1,000 keywords according to ahrefs, and I have 40 articles, and I appear in only 20 words.
  9. F

    When Ramadan Ends and your traffic goes with it

    Sad times if only i had the same amount of traffic on a daily basis would of been amazing. where are all the seo experts hiding at.
  10. A

    Chaturbate and Stripchat traffic

    Hello My name is Anna and I'm a chaturbate and stripchat model.I want to rank higher and get more people to my room. How does their algorithm work ,cause I have heard many different things? What are some free or premium ways to get ranked higher? Regards, Anna
  11. M

    Youtube SEO Ranking factors /low competition niches

    Hi Guys, I noticed that some channels get their videos right after upload on first page of youtube search for some keywords . while other channels dont get their videos indexed at all by any keyword even if they are older and have more subscribers / views that the other channels even if you try...
  12. Hassan Amin

    Spelling errors in the article

    Hello, I contacted a seo expert and told him that my site does not bring traffic, so he told me that because of spelling errors, Google does not give me your ranking, how do I amend it in your opinion
  13. Hassan Amin

    How many articles are required to get good clicks from Google

    I have a site with 6 articles and in six months I only got about 56 clicks and about 1.1 impressions
  14. P

    Increase Google Position from 5 to 1 in less than a week

    Hello, Im looking for expert who can help me to increase my website position for 5 keywords by 4 to 6 positions. the number of search in this keywords is about 500 to 1000 search per month.
  15. E

    Rank & Rent - Getting clients

    Hi Guys, This is my first post on here, been a long time lurker in the forum and have learned a lot but couldn't find any recent / directly relevant information on this! So I've been building up my home service rank and rent site for a few months now and have started to get some first page...
  16. madmax10

    One guy's name is "Luca Cronson" and other is "Luca Crosnan" google always ask if they meant Crosnan instead of Cronson, how can we win first page?

    Hello, I wonder if you could help, shine some light and look into this: Let’s say there is a named Luca Cronson and one named Luca Crosnan (made up names but they be exact;y that identical, the last name both have same first name. Every time someone looks up Luca Cronson, google asks if they...
  17. SEOSpiderbhw

    Clean Sweep Your Competitors Via Probably The Best Niche Edits (Link Insertion) Service ✔️ On The Forum❤️

    Quality speaks itself, everybody knows that how powerful niche edits (Link Insertion) are. IF your ranking stuck at page 2 or 3 then boost them up with the real striking power of these links. Just tell us and we would put it right for you. We have a combo package of RD + DR yes! you read the...
  18. jem001

    Just an interesting thought about article and ranking

    What if you posted an article that you got from another blog? The exact same article with the exact words and no rewrites and it ranked no. 1 for a high traffic keyword. And suddenly it was deleted by the original blog, would Google rank your copy of that article to replace it?
  19. creativemaster

    What is the best way to Rank website? on google first page

    hi all bhw user What is the best way to Rank website? on google first page i have a website i want to rank my site on google first page by my self need your suggestion looking forward to your reply on my post
  20. brenten_ilija

    Any trick to rank for low competetion keyword with in one day?

    does anyone know some trick on ranking for a keyword within in a day. Any related BHW threads please share.
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