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  1. jem001

    Just an interesting thought about article and ranking

    What if you posted an article that you got from another blog? The exact same article with the exact words and no rewrites and it ranked no. 1 for a high traffic keyword. And suddenly it was deleted by the original blog, would Google rank your copy of that article to replace it?
  2. creativemaster

    What is the best way to Rank website? on google first page

    hi all bhw user What is the best way to Rank website? on google first page i have a website i want to rank my site on google first page by my self need your suggestion looking forward to your reply on my post
  3. brenten_ilija

    Any trick to rank for low competetion keyword with in one day?

    does anyone know some trick on ranking for a keyword within in a day. Any related BHW threads please share.
  4. dank_chocolate

    Is it easy to beat Pinterest Pages?

    I have a simple question for y'all. Was just causally researching on a niche and I stumbled upon 100's of keywords in 'that' niche where there are only pinterest pages ranking and nothing else. Hardly do I see another site ranking there. There's one ranking which is like 10 years old, nothing...
  5. A

    Any way to rank image

    Just want to know how to rank an image for specific keyword? Like right now google isn’t showing any image if we search that keyword… i want to rank image on top 1st position … keyword has 0 competition
  6. Isuamfon

    Lost Ranking after Link Building

    I will keep it short so you guys can easily relate with it. So, I wrote an article last year and eventually with some link Building the post was on Number #5 2 days ago, but seeing it today, it went to page 2 #4 after I built some backlinks via commenting day before yesterday and yesterday...
  7. Aneeque

    Increase your website ranking with SEO Spider

  8. anisbk94

    How to rank a comment on a facebook post with a blackhate way

    I noticed that there is no one sell comments likes and replies, I think its an important way to expose your self to traffic
  9. Misan

    Need advice to rank single page Tool site.

    Hi folks, I need some expert advice to rank a tool site. basically there is only single page, so am thinking to write some content related to the tool and will add some FAQs related to that... what else I can do?? Share your thoughts guys...
  10. A

    Do Videos that have been uploaded before rank as good?

    Hello, can videos that have been uploaded before on another Channel or videos that are downloaded from creative commons and uploaded again on another Channel rank as good and get into recommended as good as Videos that have been only uploaded one time? Thank you
  11. Misan

    Same Page Interlinking can Boost your Rank(Self-linking)

    Hi mates, today I observe a new(2month old) site on my niche, what he has:- 1- less content than me in terms of length and numbers too 2- contents seems not much quality 3- .blogspot domain with 4DA(11DR) 4- very few backlinks that and cheap links he outranks my maximum focus keywords since...
  12. DGhubSEO

    Ranking up down non stop

    hey guys, anybody know why my ranking keep going up and down? i have KW currently in number 1 but 2 days later it will drop to number 2, another two days it will go up again to number 1. how do i tackle this situation? is it just google update or dance? or is it because my competitor is too...
  13. Misan

    DR(ahrefs matrix) manipulated with 0 backlinks.

    DR 51 with single backlink how it's possible can anyone help me to understand.. Is it a Holy moly miracle:eek::eek:. I wanna do the same can anyone help me how it can be done. the single backlink is from this site(no-follow)
  14. Misan

    2M traffic but $0 income (Broke)

    Hi mates, one of my friends has an image(quotes) site with 2M traffic but he purely depends on the AdSense which gives peanuts(approx $2k/m), can this site could give $50K/m?? If yes, share some monetization tips and feedback go create a business from that site that would be highly appreciated.
  15. Misan

    CTR does't help you be ranked? PROVEN

    please check the image Mine impression is on million but is not getting clicks, how to increase CTR? any suggestions and feedback would be highly appreciated...
  16. Milagro

    Help Site Drop More On Google Site

    Good day friends Please i notice that my post don't stay long on front page ... after publishing a post it index and show on front page , but as time goes it keep moving download even to page 10 Please what do i need to do to keep it in the front page? my domain is old i have some...
  17. Misan

    DR not gonna help for ranking?

    Hii, guys Is DR helpful for ranking ??.today i show a website having 100 backlinks but DR(ahrefs metrix) 55, how come its possible. anyone has any idea please share coz I created mote than 10k backlinks but still, my DR is 10 only....please help though feedbacks and suggestion. I'll be very...
  18. Misan

    Black hat tricks won't work...new algo

    Hi, guys please share your favorite black hat tricks I wanna learn. please don't share outdated tricks. if possible then explain lil briefly that would be highly helpful for me and for others too. Thanks .
  19. Misan

    Short URL sucks SEO!!

    if I will use my keyword twice in URL is there any problem?? (example.com/best-college/best-college-in-california)like this. does it look spammy in front of google? some suggestions and feedback would be highly appreciated.
  20. Misan

    Does 522 error affects ranking?

    am getting a web error. somebody help me to fix it.