Trying To Avoid Mistakes- Love Some Advice

Discussion in 'Affiliate Programs' started by Stain666, Jul 17, 2011.

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    Apr 27, 2011
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    Hey Black Hat crew, This my first post but I have been reading and learning so much from the people on this forum. I have bought a scrapebox (wicked!) from reading here and have avoided a few hazards thanks to the great honest advice.
    I'm hoping I can get some more advice. I have a product that I have been working on for 3years. It's not a quick scam it's a real site with real fans. I have built a fan base and now want to offer paid subscriptions to my readers. I have decided to go with click bank, but feel a little overwhelmed with the site. There is so many different ways of selling your product, and considering the chance we should do well with selling, I'm torn on giving up too much of my profits. There seems to be a fine line between too much and not enough, and from what I hear, if the commission rate isn't very good, I will have a hard time getting affiliates.
    Please let me know what you look for in a product. Is it the site itself or the long or short term numbers for making money. I see I can work in renewal earnings if a person buys in for another year. Are these tempting or do you only think about that first sale.
    Also if anyone could give me a few tips for creating an even more buzz about a product or just advice about Clickbank it self I would be very grateful