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    Hello, fellow BHW members, I've been reading this forum for a long time and it is really the best on the net so I decided to ask here. I 'm doing SEO and have some clients and what I alwasy thoght to be the most important are positions in Google. But now for one of my sites I need traffic and the thing is it's quite urgent - the positions are rising but not quickly enough, so maybe there are some methods that can give traffic quickly? The only condition is that it should look natural in Google Analyitcs. I would be happy to hear any your suggestions
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    I use twitter to get people to come to my sites.
    Just get a hot bitches pic, and reply to people w/ ur link.

    for example if ur targeting like adult content search like porn, or like pussy in the search bar and reply to people with ur link.

    they have tweetattack here but its $127 or something...

    I also buy fiverr gigs that do this for me.
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