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    If you create an excellent website with a beautiful design and great contents and simply everything is perfect but the result is zero! So you will ask yourself what is wrong? The answer for this question is you don?t have any visitors!

    If you just create your website and think that search engines will do the rest for you and bring a high traffic to your website easily that is mean you won?t gain anything. There are millions of websites on the internet but what makes just a few of them work well is they have a great contents which solve problems for people or give them good information about some topics and they have a high traffic as well!

    So how could you make a high traffic for your website? I will show you some tips and leave the rest to you!

    Build great backlinks to your website:

    I would explain this in a simple way. Backlinks simply mean where your website link can be founded on other websites. So if you post some topics in different forums and type your website URL at the end of the topics this is mean you are making backlinks to your website. Backlinks are very important because they make your website receive a high rank and appear on the first page of search engines result.

    Choose good keywords:

    Keywords are the way to have a great traffic to your website. If you write an article about how to learn computer programming you can then use some keywords like: computer programming, software, C++,, etc and that will help search engines to locate your article so when someone type a phrase ?computer programming? your article could appear to him because you have the same keyword for your article.

    If you use a WordPress blog in your website you can then choose an SEO plugin to help you build a good keywords to your blog. I would recommend All-In-One-SEO plugin and you can found it on when you use an SEO plugin you will find a space to type your keywords. Before you choose any keyword it?s better to examine it first, so you can use Google keyword tool:

    You can enter your keyword and choose the country and the language and then press search. Google will show you the number of monthly searcher for this keyword and also the competition rate for it. So you have to choose some keywords with a high monthly searcher number and a low competition rate to get a perfect result.

    Social networks:

    If you share your new posts on your Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc accounts that is good but not enough. What you have to do is to use some social plugins to make it possible for your website visitors to share the posts with their friend as well. That will give you a good traffic and will help you building your backlinks.

    Create a free product or service:

    If you make a good e-book for example and share it on your website for free that will help you to get a good traffic especially if your book solve a serious problem for people. You can think of anything to give for free on your website because this is really helpful in making traffic.

    Advertisements and paid traffic:

    Advertisements is a foolproof method to get traffic. You can advertise your website on Google Adwords or Facebook or where ever you want but this way is really costly. You can also get some paid traffic and there are many websites which give you this service at a reasonable price.
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    Or even on BHW by creating crappy threads and spamming your link there! Sweet idea bro... but...

    Even after all these hordes of people come swarming to your site from BHW after reading your amazing post, I don't know if your site falls under "beautiful design" OR "great contents"... so you're probably going to be disappointed.
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    Ban hammer is coming. :smashfrea
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    no offense but that's not even a cute or well designed site. With no formal training I have designed better than that. But your article would be helpful to those who have no clue about driving traffic.