Traffic Generation Using Twitter

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    Step 1- Join Twitter

    Step 2- Complete your profile by adding a professional photo,add something in the description about what you love. E.G I am a mom and i love to travel to different countries,i also work from home.Do not mention you are an expert in anything and not not mention you will help others to make money online.Another big mistake people make is adding an affiliate link in the description.The only link you should add is one to you blog,website, Facebook, and make sure it contain more info on who you are and what you do.

    Step 3- Search for people in your niche using key terms E.G affiliate marketing,look for big name in that niche and follow them.Do mentions,if someone post something related your niche and you like it, re tweet it or tell the person thanks.This easy step helps you to build relationships fast,and i know this because i tested it.

    Step 4- Post valuable tips daily,do not spam your account with affiliate links,this normally get you no attention or your followers hit the unfollow button.If you do not have time to do this,there are software that can do this on auto piolet.

    TIP: you can send out your website or blog link once in a while but not affiliate links,you can add affiliate products on your website/blog along side some free valuable content.