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Top Tips for growing a facebook or twitter fan base

Discussion in 'Social Networking Sites' started by sociamedialuke, Sep 6, 2012.

  1. sociamedialuke

    sociamedialuke Newbie

    Sep 4, 2012
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    Hi everyone, i just thought i would make a brief thread about the top tips of growing a fanbase on facebook WITHOUT using like exchange sites. I use these with all my clients and they definitely work if done correctly!

    1. Use what business structures you already have in place! Include your Facebook URL on your business cards, email signatures, CD cases, pamphlets, magazine articles, etc.
    2. Embed widgets onto your website, and include your website on your page!
    3. Make sure your page has ENGAGING content before you even decide to look for fans!
    4. Include pictures in your updates ? take advantage of the space you are offered!
    5. Link your Facebook to your Twitter account
    6. Introduce Facebook competitions
      1. Must use applications such as wildfireapp.com, fanappz.com etc. to avoid breaking Facebook T&Cs
      2. Make sure your competition/give away is relevant and worthwhile for your fans
    7. Take advantage of the new ?offers? section ? if you can offer a discount, coupon, etc. for your business, add it here as when someone claims your offer, it gets sent out virally.
    8. Add links to your personal page; include them in where you work so your friends can see you have made a new page.
    9. Use the ?share? button to share exciting content from your business page onto your personal page. Engaging your friends this way is much better than using the ?invite all friends? option.
    10. Take advantage of all advertising space you do have ? make sure your cover photo sums up your business, have an arrow pointing to your like button, highlight important images in your posts to create a cover photo sized post.
    11. ?Pin? your most important post ? this will move it to the top of your page and keep it there for 7 days
    12. If your business has been running for many years, take advantage of this and include all the information you know about it from its founding! If not, update milestones as they happen!
    13. Have a look at Facebook Advertising ? you can target a 42-year-old male who lives in Gympie who likes dogs, has 2 children, speaks multiple languages and likes to travel.
      1. Use the reach generator for important posts. A standard post will only reach an average of 16-20% of your audience. With the reach generator Facebook guarantees 60-85% of your audience will see your post
    14. Post at the following times, this is when the most people are online and you have the highest chance of people seeing your advertisement!
      1. Early Morning (7:00 am ? 9:00 am) End of work (5:00 pm - 7:00 pm) and late night (11:00 pm ? 1:00 pm)
    15. Ask simple, short questions! Think about your fans answers, can they answer quickly in a couple of seconds?
    16. Include your call to action and ASK your fans to act on it! Yes, asking does make a HUGE difference!
    17. The final tip I suggest is to get off the computer, get back to exactly what you do in whatever career it may be and pay more attention to what YOU love about it. Bring what you love to your website, your Facebook, your YouTube accounts and share your experiences with your followers, followed by asking them about theirs.

      For anyone wanting to know more about how social media can transform YOUR business/event/celebrity status, please contact me at the details bellow for a free in depth, personalized appraisal valued at $399.

      Luke Maguire
      Director of Social Media Mansion socialmediamansion dot com
  2. dog-tag

    dog-tag BANNED BANNED

    Oct 19, 2010
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    YOU HAVE TO BE SHITTING ME............. Where did you pull that "valuation" from?

    Everything you've posted won't grow a fan page, its just general stuff that's already all over the net... nothing new. All you want is people contacting you so you can take advantage of them.