To BOLD-LY Go Where Your Conent Has Never Been Before...

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    I have recently been doing some testing upon several of my WH sites using the bold tag. The test was an attempt to increase conversion rates through affiliate products and also to emphasise the importance of specific words to the engines.

    The results have been quite dramatic in terms of customer bounce rates, improved traffic and most important of all, conversions.

    I have seen conversion metrics increase by some 17% on the first site and 12% on the second simply by using the bold tag throughout my content.

    All content is 100% original high quality stuff around 500-600 words with pictures (utilising the image tags for SEO gains). I have simply scanned through the content and highlighted key terms relating to the specific page. I have not overdone it, but when you look at the page the bolding helps the customer to immediately see some key terms which is helping them remain on the page and continue reading and ultimately, clicking through to the affiliate product page....

    Such a simple and quick technique which hopefully some of you will gain some use from.
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