[Tip] Avoid using in-house cloakers, stupid cloaking codes, less known private cloaking solutions

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    There are many people who using this PHP/JS codes which cloak based on "referer" or "user-agent" or some other trick.

    But the problem is that these solutions don't use multiple methods, or data analysis algorithms.

    They do not have underlying data pool gathered from multiple users.

    It's not a proper way to cloak. It's primitive, ineffective and cheap.

    Professional [ popular ] cloakers, some of which are discussed in the cloaking section of BHW use multiple detection methods (filters), algorithms and they've lots of data which is gathered from multiple users.

    They use this data to detect reviewers and bots with much higher accuracy.

    You'll not get this advantage by developing your in-house cloaker or by using the code posted here.

    Less known private cloaking solutions will not be having many clients - fewer clients mean fewer data, with fewer data they will always have less accuracy.

    So be smart, use a professional cloaking solution, your ad accounts will last much longer and you'll make lot more money.

    Please do not use free solutions, they do not work and they cost more in the long term.

    I've paid most for the things which were apparently free.

    If you do not invest in a proper cloaker then you'll get banned faster and you'll lose money on ad accounts which are obviously, lot more expensive than professional [ popular ] cloakers!

    -- Xtreme Ads (God of Cloaking)
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