Thread to clear all CPA Doubts!

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    Hello Everyone! :)
    I've been around in the forum for more than a month now. I got accepted to a CPA network recently and there are a few doubts I have. BHW has all kinds of WSOs and guides on how to make money, but I haven't seen many subject specific guides here. And I believe its important to become an expert in a field to become successful. So, I'm just posting some of my CPA doubts here that I'm sure have been answered somewhere but I'm bad at digging :p
    I think its a great idea to use this thread to clarify any CPA related doubts anybody has! Here are my doubts..

    1. How does the Network know if we are paying people or giving points for completing the offer?

    2. Difference between EPC and CR? I understand EPC means earnings per click. Now if every person that clicked my link completed the offer, my EPC would equal my payout per lead, right? And my CR would be 100%. Now, if my CR wasn't 100% , then my EPC would be less than my payout. So it seems like EPC and CR are closely related. In fact EPC is just a function of CR. But then, I have seen many forums discussing which one is better. From what I see, they indicate the same thing. But I'm sure I'm missing something here because according to me..
    Payout per lead * EPC = CR

    But when I see offers on Adword Media, it doesn't quite match my calculations. So please let me know what I'm doing wrong here.

    3. Do I need a website to direct viewers to the offer? Or can I just link it anywhere?

    4. Is it allowed to post the link on facebook/twitter?

    5. Now I dont intend to this but it seems pretty possible.. Why can't someone just complete the offers himself? I mean, with multiple computers/Multiple phones/Multiple Email IDs. There are so many campaigns. Why can't someone just change IP to US IP, complete offers and then change IP to Canada?

    6. What if its a US offer, and a guy from UK clicks the link? Will he be shown the offer? Or another offer? Will I still get payment for the lead?

    7. How is a CPA network different from any advertising network?

    Thanks in advance and let me know some sources for CPA information :)
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