Thoroughly disgusted with Paypal

Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by zoomsixx, May 17, 2012.

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    No better place to vent about Paypal than BHS. I have had my last clash with these idiots.

    So I had two accounts frozen within a week. One was my girlfriends account which was frozen simply because we transferred a large amount of money from our bank account (6k frozen for 180 days for no reason), the other frozen because they ran my credit and it wasn't to their standards (I recently went through a foreclosure). Who knew Paypal accounts were only allowed for those with good credit.

    I decided to get a Nfinanse card. Highly recommended to those who need to pay people who only accept Paypal. After setting up an account you receive a bank account and routing number. This will come on handy for those who need a US bank account.

    I paid a vendor a few times using just the card then decided to set up a new Paypal account to save login time. Big mistake. Paypal instantly started declining card orders and requested I add a bank account. I add my new Nfinanse account details and Paypal asks for the last 4 of my social. What is the saying? "Give them an inch; they'll take a mile". Well this is definitely true with Paypal. I'm suppose to wait two days for a deposit.

    I decide fuck this. I'm deleting my card from my Paypal account and I'm goign to try and pay the vendor with just my card details again, it's a long shot since Payal already has my details. I try, bam, it works. For some reason all of a sudden my card transactions are being accepted again. Shame on you Paypal! I have to use a new email address and phone number of course.

    I'm still trying to find some alternatives to Paypal. Of course there is Skrill and a Dwolla if you have a US account. I don't do anything shady or illegal.

    Fuck you Paypal! I hope you bitches go bankrupt!
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    Bankrupt? Certainly not. Those guys are fucking loaded with the amount they hold in "frozen" accounts, to leverage their investments, get interests and much more.
    It's not even a joke they'd probably be higher valuated than FB if they published their books, but a lot of shady sh*t goes on at Paypal, thus, it just stays as a payment gateway and not a listed company.

    And their policies...Yes. Straight up some crackwh*re bumhole. Unfortunately they indirectly force businesses to use them because Joe Dick & Harry has a Paypal *facepalm*. Whenever I use them, I make sure they get the lowest visible position.
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    I don't trust paypal at all. Every payment I receive gets transferred immediately.

    I just had a client who had an issue with his bank. His bank reversed a $500 payment that he made to me through Paypal (He paid with a bank account) and paypal immediately deducted the money from my account while "investigating".

    Since I provided him with a link building service, I have nothing to ship and no tracking number. Paypal says the understand, but can't/won't do anything about it.

    My client said no problem and he'll make the payment again since his bank was giving him trouble.

    The only winner in this situation is paypal, and the loser is everyone else.