Thin pages and Google penalties

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    Dec 9, 2014
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    High I am fairly new to affiliate marketing. As my title suggests I am enquiring about the draw backs of thin content pages. Many marketers take a poor view of them depending on the circumstances. I am trying to work out what Google does in "real world terms" with regard to changing algorithims.

    Currently I'm building traffic to Pintrest. They pages would be from various different traffic channels and will contain 75-100 words on a page.

    Is that enough words on a page for Google to even consider picking it up in search ? Is a minimum amount really 200 upwards or more realistically for Google to even consider it ? I of course understand here that SEO, keywords, sentence quality and links play a strong role in content marketing, blogs, social sites etc. that may drive traffic to pintrest.

    Thanks very much it would be great to get an opinion or two.