The Journey Has Been Surreal. Some Pitfalls to Avoid for Newbies

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    Started IM about a year ago, 40k in debt on Amazon. Lost the account soon after and moved onto other things, spent the first 6 months of 2016 making about $0.

    Now making about $1000 a day.

    It's not blackhat at all for the most part, it's not fancy, just basic cpa marketing.

    General tips of pitfalls/Don't do's to avoid I can give if you are not there and looking to get to this point:

    1) Don't have a pussy ass work ethic. Be willing to work 12 hours days 6-7 days a week if you are serious about this. And it's not about the amount of time it's about the production, ie work efficiently. If you already work full time be ready to put in an additional 40+ hours on top of your full time job if you want to make fast progress. If you live in a first world country be grateful you have the opportunities the rest of the world would kill for and use them.

    2) Don't give up too soon. I started this with some friends, they all gave up and are making average wages.

    2) Stop looking for shortcuts that are unsustainable and leave your income in a vulnerable state. Treat it like a serious business and aim long term. Have backup systems in place and ways to protect (That said, do combine some short term thinking to get some cash flow going, but overall aim long term.)

    3) Stop looking for free/almost free ways to make money. No serious business person is unable to spend money to make money. If you are starting out broke get a fucking job like everyone else, and work on your business on top of that.

    4) Don't go it alone. Almost every significant breakthrough I've had came from networking, collaboration and hiring. To mimic success you have to learn what successful people are doing so connect with them. Be socially intelligent and don't ask for free info, provide something in return. Pay them for advice if you are sure it's worth it. (That said: Watch out for shady fucks. BHW is probably not the best place to meet serious internet entrepreneurs.)

    5) Don't try to reinvent the wheel. Maybe you'll invent the next app that takes off to become Uber or Snapchat, but much more likely you'll make your initial money mimicking a proven process of success and invest saved capital in less proven ventures in the future. Study closely what works, mimic it. Some general methods that are more legit you can start with and build on: Pretty much any form of CPA marketing, Shopify/Ecommerce/Amazon/Gearbubble (Custom Merchandising)

    6) If you aren't starting out with the technical knowledge and skill, don't get too hung up on it. Working in your business vs on it issue, just hire it out. Some things are simple enough or necessary enough that you need to learn them, so make the judgement call and execute on those things quickly, but most of these things you can and should hire out sooner or later.

    7) Don't sit around reading/watching videos without taking action. Do something. If you are not going to implement something into your business don't waste your time. Your days should be spent primarily executing with a sprinkle of learning. Near the beginning just throw a lot of shit at the wall and when something sticks, that's probably your forte, so double down on that and drop the rest.
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