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i thought we get paid per article net per cpm?

What does it mean to submit content for Upfront Payment Review?
While all published content is eligible for Performance Payments, high-quality, unique and search-oriented content can also earn you an Upfront Payment before it is published on AC. Content that is submitted for Upfront Payment is usually reviewed within one week (and no later than two weeks). You will be emailed when the review is complete, unless you have changed your email preferences.
Yes, I'm curious about the pay structure. Can someone with experience lay down the nuts and bolts of their fee structure?

It's CPM with an initial payment if the editors think the article is good.
The question is, if it's CPM, then why not send a truckload of junk traffic?

IMO it would be easy to get caught, considering that most articles don't get much traffic at all. I think they said they pay $1.50 per thousand views. A very high percentage of articles don't get that amount of views in a year.

Basically IMO it is way too much trouble.

Any different thoughts?
Hm, then perhaps write a ton of these rehashed articles and send a consistent trickle of junk traffic to them... this sounds very interesting.
I am really surprise that this technique is still working. ;)

Here is the blackhat methods which I found...enjoy... :tee:


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I am going to try this for article marketing to get backlinks to my site. Thanks for the info!
I'm getting excited over this. Lets do the math. You have 5 accounts on AC and submit 10 articles to each every day (about 4-6 hours of work a day). Let's say you get on average $4.50 per article (a guess). You do this 50 weeks a year.
$4.50/article x 50 articles/day * 7 days a week * 50 weeks/year= $78,750 a year. Even if you only do half that, it is definitely noticeable to most people.

How many part time jobs do you know that pay that?

Changing the topic, can you have more than one account and have the same paypal account? undergroundguru's ebook he posted made it sound really easy.
Thanks... Summarizing articles from your local paper would be a good idea since they probably don't read the newspaper from your town :p.
You could probably make tons of money if you outsourced some of the stuff in dennyboy's ebook. However, you may could risk a ban. Most articles don't naturally receive hundreds or thousands of hits a day. Heck, hardly any articles get into the thousands in a year.

On Worldly Panther's downloads, every time I go to extract them, a little screen comes up that says the file name and where it goes, but when I click OK to exit it, it doesn't go away. It only goes away when I click cancel, and then it nothing appears to extract.
I think I might just find a whole torrent of it since I don't know what I'm doing with Worldly Panther's downloads.
Excellent post Shaqsquash! Guaranteed easy money rocks; I'll also never have to pay a ghost writer again. Thanks a bunch for sharing!
I had downloaded the torrent of Dragon months ago with just this thought of speeding up the article re-writing process in mind, but hadn't done anything about it. That changes now! Thanks for the step by step.
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