The Easiest and Quickest $100 A Day I Know

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Ahaha, this reminds me of Triond where I used to take threads from a certain forum and converted them into articles while linking them back to a forum. I had my content there and then, worked well for a while.

Ahhh, times have changed a lot since then.
This thread is 7 years old, yet people are still bumping it lol
is there any associated content in 2015 ?
Great thread. I wonder if this would work in 2015. Will give it a try.

Just because this method is still effing great, and will essential work forever thought I would contribute.

The only thing currently missing is needing an updated website paying for the content.

Good news. They also still and always will exist!! You can insert any article buying website here, but for people looking for friendly a substitution to the defunct AC, try to use

Just make sure you establish some notoriety and proofread well. [Quick Method Update]

1.) Find cool article
2.) Read the article in Dragon Naturally speaking changing up sentences and paraphrasing.
3.) Copy and paste into Grammarly getting quick corrections.
4.) Do a quick once over.
5.) Submit to wikinut or another content paying/royalty receiving website and earn. (Feel free to add others)

Good Luck!
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This method is useful also not for making cash instantly, but to write one's own articles to post for SEO. Hand written (pardon: voice written) articles are still better than spun content, especially in languages other than English, so if I always thought that I had to buy articles or spun articles, now I'considering the third (should be obvious) option: make articles by myself...
This sounds like a really nice method, i want to try it and work as hard as possible. But i cant message you an PM, since i did not reach the min posts.
Thanks for sharing, as i use article rewriter or spinner directly and rearrange them . it takes at most 3 mins per article ...
I guess that only works if the text doesnt require certain keywords ? Or u just insert them manually afterwards ?
Does this still work in 2016? I clicked on associated content but it just takes me to Yahoo. Please help I really want his method to work.
Anyone knows about a good site to write content for? Trying to make a few bucks but can't seem to find a good site. iWriter and Ghostblogger is really poor stuff. Looking for something with lot of content to write. Would appreciate it big time.
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