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    Let me start by weeding some people out. This is a Blackhat forum. I will employ any and all techniques possible to sustain myself. What's moral and ethical is subjective to the individual and people need to realize where they are. With that out of the way, let's continue.

    What I have done is searched for every thread containing the words YouTube, CPA, or YouTube + CPA. I then bookmarked them and proceeded to read them all last week. I spent a whole week, literally hours a day reading these threads. I had probably 100 threads with anywhere between 3-15 pages each. I say this not to impress anyone, but to establish where I get my information and precedents. There obviously were trends that emerged and I hope to repeat a few of them.

    Since this is a Journey thread let me tell you where I'm coming from. I recently got fired from VMware. I did software sales and really loved my job until they changed my position. Once fired I basically sat at home and have done nothing but get high and watch TV. Luckily I was able to get unemployment and sit back and enjoy the ride. Just this weekend I totaled my new 2010 Chevy Cobalt. Not the coolest or newest car, but it was mine. I was so stupid not to have paid for the full coverage insurance I was supposed to have on it. Also unemployment runs out in June.

    Let's recap. No job (I'd fail the drug test even if I tried), No car (no money to fix the one I have), No money come June. Good stuff right?

    I've been at for a while. Even before 2009 because I've switched user names some. Never before have I had a method that I actually succeeded at. I've been discouraged and quit so many times it's not even funny. All for various reasons, but it doesn't matter. What matters is here and now. This method will work for me. I need it to work. It has to work. I've already invested a week of research into doing this. I'm creating this thread so that everyone can benefit from my work. If I can't save myself, maybe I can help someone else out there. Everything below here is just notes I took while reading other threads. You may see some of your own stuff here. I just refined it a little. Let's get into it then.


    Put the title and keywords in the description. Make it 60 Characters or less in the title.
    Tag your video with all variations of tags you want to rank for. Don't just stop with what you copy.
    Don't forget to wrap the key phrase with inverted commas i.e. "key phrase I want to rank for"
    Use a URL shortner to avoid foot print on YouTube. This can also be a form of tracking.

    The numbers are consistent. 1:2 visitors click and 1:5 complete the offer
    10 accounts a day : 5 videos per account : 10 YT Videos per blog
    1 account : 5 videos : 1 IP address

    Set a video creation time limit to get in an efficient habit. Don't waste too much time on one video.
    Each video needs to be 60 sec. - 2 mins in length
    Extend each video and put a call to action at the end. Make people see your link.
    Dominate smaller niches within bigger niches.
    Small niches just need a clean webpage, not wordpress. This will save you time.

    Look at Google trends to get niche ideas and set alerts to increase traffic.
    Niches have 10K-40K Global searches (broad matches not exact)
    10-40k search with less results than searches (ideally)
    30k searches on a 40k results niche is great

    Add symbols to title like CL ads. These help to get people's attention
    Add Social stats to the lander page. FB likes, Fake tweets etc.


    Mighty Content Locker
    100 Youtube PVA's
    Hosting - Hostgator
    Domains - GoDaddy

    Through my own research MCL is a better content locking script than Content Locker Pro 2.0. I have created a thread outlining why and even got the creators involved so I won't go much into it here. You can check out the thread for yourself. I plan on purchasing YouTube PVA accounts. It's just easier to have them created for me. I will then use HMA PVA to actually upload the videos to each account. With 100 accounts and 5 videos per account I could just buy 20 private proxies but I'm trying to keep the cost down. If HMA doesn't work I may just have to buy the proxies anyways. I'm sure I could find another use for them. I have my own hosting and will purchase either .com or .info domains for the niches.

    Potential Problems

    1) Landing pages being deleted
    2) YouTube banning account
    3) People flagging my videos
    4) Banned CPA Accounts
    5) Offer Optimization
    6) Direct Linking
    7) Using the same comments
    8) Same IP address to create/upload
    9) Keeping track of all my videos

    I can protect my landing pages my having my own hosting. People flagging videos and YouTube banning accounts is just part of the game. I can protect my CPA accounts by blanking the referrer and keeping my daily earnings below $50 a day. MCL has an offer optimization feature (CLPv2 doesn't) so I'll always be running the best offers. If I comment on my other videos I obviously can't use the same comments. HMA or private proxies will hide my IP. The only thing I can't figure out is how to keep track of all my videos / rankings. Maybe on an Excel Spreadsheet?

    YouTube Boosting

    I personally have never used any or these sites, but they keep on popping up through the threads I read. Some of the services (like Vagex) have had negative comments from users multiple times. I kept track as I encountered negative attention toward certain services. Pressing forward, there were several scripts and bots for these services as well. I won't include them here because users reported they weren't working etc. Just know they exist and you'll have to do your own research with adding them on to iMacros with Firefox.

    CPA Offers

    • If you don't Geo-Locate your offers you're missing out on money from all over the world. Make the most of your traffic.
    • Use the Postback feature, not the timer. You don't want people just waiting for the pop up to go away.
    • Split test offers. Lower paying ones don't always convert better. Try some $2-$3 ones. Don't be afraid of a goose egg one day.
    • Always blank the referrer. Unless you're running whitehat traffic, there's no reason not to!
    • MAX 2 page form submits. No one wants to be online filling out forms.
    • If an offer has $0.10 epc or 10% conversion then you need to replace it!
    • Top converting countries to focus on : US, UK, CA, AUS, NZ
    • On the Content Locker Pop-Up mention they must complete 1 offer to unlock page but I don't forget to tell them why they should do the offer. Mention I'm saving them $x dollars and guide them on how to do the offers. That's where the hole is between clicks and conversions!


    This page is locked.
    Complete 1 offer below to unlock it.
    The offers are very easy and only require you to submit an email address.
    You can use ANY email address you know of.
    Doesn't have to be your email
    Explain what they need to do to complete the offer and get the content.
    Make them complete multiple offers. Then if they download a file protect it with another offer.

    You never actually have to provide a file! You can just keep them on your website completing offers all day. Will they be pissed off? Hell ya. Will you be getting your bills paid.....hell ya. MCL also has a feature that tracks what offers have been filled out so you don't have the same IP address completing offers from the same advertise/CPA Company. With this mindset you can promote ANYTHING!

    One thing that I consistently saw throughout all of these threads is people never look at the metrics. They just see the dollars and never tweak to make it more profitable. For example, most YouTube videos had a ratio of 2:1 views/clicks. Then Most offers had a ratio of 7:1 clicks/conversions. People would have conversions of 22:1 on offers and be like OMGZ LOL WTFHELOCOPTER BLA I NEED MORE INTERNET MONIEZZZ! You have to take time to look at what the numbers are telling you. Unattractive links, bad descriptions on pop up, bad offers on pop up, no instructions or call to action on pop up. I'm sure there's 30 other variables I'm missing here. Point being pay attention to what the numbers are saying. Learn how to increase the percentage on conversion before it ever gets to your money page. (Can you tell I was in sales yet? lol)

    CPA Companies

    Adwork Media
    Wolf Storm Media
    Max Bounty
    Adgate Media
    Blue Track Media
    Red Fire Network

    This is just a list of the CPA companies out there. Some are better than others. Most of them pay Net30 but I found a few that pay weekly. How do you decided which company to choose, who has the best / most offers? I like to use If anyone else has sites like this let me know and I'll update the thread. Also it's very important that you send all payments ACH. It's too easy for the CPA company to say oh someone changed your email, or we had a delay etc. Making them put it in your bank accounts is just so much easier than PayPal. If you live in Guam or something, move to America it's awesome. Or just get a bank account. If you're 15 then figure it out.

    Please don't ask for these things. Every Youtube/CPA thread had these questions in there. Don't be the one. Just don't.

    Reseach Tools

    How I will select my niches will be included in the Method section. After I have aquired them I will use the YT KW Tool to tag my video. I basically just plan on copying the tags from the top video/niche I select. Maybe change them up some depending on what I find. Here's how for those that don't know.

    1) Type in my niche to YT. Click on the first video I see.
    2) Copy the id of video. (Everything after "v=" is id)
    3) Now open youtube keyword tool and put the id in there.
    4) Now paste the video id you copied after = and click "Get Keyword ideas"
    5) That's it now you have many keywords which you can use as tags in your video.

    Sometimes YouTube is so kind as to delete a video. What you can do is find an MD5 Hasher tool (search BHW for how to use it) and just reupload your video. That way you don't have to remake a video and can keep the time you invested in that video already.

    • Create Youtube / PVA's

    I personally have not tried these methods. I found them on another forum and thought someone here might want to save a buck and try it out.

    Airplane mode on an android phone. Apprently you can put it in airplane mode then turn airplane mode off and you get a new IP. Clear cookies and create a new account. People are creating Youtube accounts like this. Worth checking out. On to something different.

    • Here is the method

    1) Go to

    Sign up for k7. It provides you with a free phone number and allows you to receive free voicemail and faxes directly on your computer. You are instantly given a United States phone number. Another alternative to K7 would be

    2) After creating your account on Gmail, Youtube etc put the location as United States.
    3) Fill in account information.
    4) At mobile verification page of site, select voice call option and enter the number in you got from k7.
    5) Get a call from the voice mail and listen for hte code on your computer.
    6) **TWIST** Once you make a k7 account with your PVA'd gmail account, make a google voice account at to get even another USA phone number to receive texts.
    7) Rinse and repeat!


    • Change all my CPA companies to ACH
    • Purchase / Setup MCL, Hosting, Domain, YT Accounts, and HMA
    • Niche Research for videos to create
    • Pick CPA offers based on niches
    • Set daily goals for movie uploads / blogs built
    • Sign up to YT boosting services
    • Get a daily schedule going for time management


    If you want to contact me feel free to Skype me or message me in the BHW chat room. I want to hear anything and everything from you guys about this topic / method / thread. I by no means know it all. I just took good notes from the threads in the search results. There are so many people here who are already doing what I'm trying to. HELP ME OUT!

    Skype : s1lv3rdo7
    BHW : s1lv3rdo7

    That's pretty much it guys. I spent a lot of time making this thread. Not only for everyone here, but for myself as well. I'm sure I left some stuff out, but I'll just add it in along the way. I've used NO referral links in anything that I've linked. This information is all from threads here on BHW so thank you to everyone who took the time to post. I just wanted to compile it all and make a complete method as I saw it in my eyes. Now I'm at the point where theory meets practical application. The dreaded question....what if you fail?

    From a life-point perspective I basically have all of April to make this a success. If I were to apply for a job now I would fail the drug test so I need time for that to pass. I still also have unemployment coming in so I'm good. How do I define success? I really didn't want to make a "$100 a day" thread as those are so cleshay. I guess I would define success as giving it my all. If I try my best and don't make a livable income from it, then I'll see what my options are at that point. My earnings officially start April 1st.

    On a side note, I just watched the movie Batman and I loved the quote from his dad. "Why do we fall down Bruce? So we can learn to pick ourselves back up!".......It's time to get the fuck back up. Take some action.
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    Very nice thread, might apply some of the tips mentioned above myself!
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    Very nice thread! Keep us updated and make some money.
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    I've been doing a lot of research lately. Making contacts with people and doing some networking. I really wanted to talk to people who have already accomplished what I want to do. Basically what I've figured out is it all comes down to niche selection. You could make a million videos but it they're not something that people want it doesn't matter. I purchased a tool to help me out with that. Having some problems with it, but it's getting worked out.

    I fully installed Mighty Content Locker. Gave a great review on it. I got my HMA VPN. I also ordered my YT PVA's. Having a great experience with all the products so far. I had a million different links and ebooks on my desktop. I had to get everything organized and get rid of stuff that was a waste of time. Install different add-ons for downloading and privacy with firefox (mass youtube download, better privacy). I like to read threads because you get bits and pieces from each person and can put it all together yourself. I've also been exploring other tube sites. I don't think people take advantage of the traffic there. Maybe it's not enough to matter, but for me if it's just a matter of 5 minutes to upload the files, why not?

    I'm finding that people are having problems thinking of niche ideas. I found this great video on how to get some. I personally have a million different ideas. I just need to tools to see if they're good or not. I've been using google trends, youtube keyword tool, and google keyword tool. I'd like to have my YT Ranker working but it's slow going. You would think a $7 tool would have problems running. You get what you pay for I guess. I really want to give healzer a chance to fix it before I give a bad review. Once I get my YT accounts I can start uploading some videos. Anyways, here is video I found.

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    Wow, I did about the same research for 2 weeks, and composed very similar notes :eek: I think we have the same mind frame. You were just kind enough to take the time and initiative to work harder :)

    I'm stuck on KW research. Everything I put in youtube suggest gets "not enough data"

    The 2nd problem is landing page or just have a medifire link with a .rar + a txt file with a link to the password.
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    This is great and cool, mate.
    Subscribed to this already. Following all the way>>>
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    You picked up pretty solid method and i see you already did your homework by organizing what you will do and what is needed

    Good luck on your journey and keep us posted how it goes!
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    All The Best For Your Journey. I hope you can easily earn $100/ day soon
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    Looking forward for the number$ .
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    Thanks for bringing it all together into one thread and best of luck with your journey :)
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    I'll admit it, I'm a little slower than most. I have to over analyze things to really get a grasps on how it works. Find all the puzzle pieces and try to put it together in my head. With that in mind I know I need to work harder to get things done. I'm not like Cashcrateaddict or Legendary Hacker. I can't just throw up a blog and 2 videos and make $250 a day.

    Last night I spent a good 10 hours researching how to do keyword research as I had no idea where to start. I at least have found the tip of the iceberg so to speak. Big thanks to Oblivion for helping me refine my method. We found some solid keywords and he helped me document how I did it so I can share with you guys. Let me throw out my method to get some opinions on it.

    First I pick a niche. Let's just say for the sake of example Gaming. So let's drill down, what game? Let's go Modern Warfare 2. I go to Google trends and put it in there and see how popular it is. I also take note of the countries where it is popular because CPA offers are worldwide not just in America. If it's a fairly popular game then I move to the next step. Now this can be tricky because if the game isn't out yet it won't show being very popular so you have to kinda think about it. Maybe read reviews on it etc.

    Then I head over to Adwords keyword tool to see what results I get. I put the phrase in quotation marks because I don't want results or keyword ideas on modern, and warfare, and 2. I want "modern warfare 2". The quotes group the phrase and narrow my results. I also put in the sites I want to filter for. I'm trying to see how Google ranks the results from YouTube. I could care less about Google rankings for my page. Those will naturally come. From this list I can get ideas of words to put into YouTube Keyword tool.

    According to the YT KWT most keywords get anywhere from 20K-80K searches. Which is a little high but you get the idea. You can go through and pick out the best keywords in that range. Now when you make your YT video and put in tags you want the tags in that range, but you also want to put in some of the tags that actually drive the traffic. Those 200K keywords are going to bring traffic too. You just won't rank for them. Mix it up some. Now that you've confirmed it's searched for in YouTube actually go to YouTube and see how many results you get. You want the number of results to be less than the number of searches. For example if my keyword gets 40K searches I want there to be 20K results in YouTube.

    The next step I take is to add this keyword into YouTube Rank Calculator from healzer.

    View attachment 27438

    What it does (correct me if I'm wrong healzer) is take the information from page 1 and give you all the keywords that are being used. You can then calculate from that keyword list the ones that are high popularity and low competition. You can see the stats it gives you in the left hand pane. You then take the keywords from list 2 and BAM! That's your niche. All of the words from list 2 are low on competition but may not always be the most popular. Remember though we're trying to stay in the 10K to 40K range with these words because we're going to rank the video and dominate! From that point it's all about getting retention views and user engagement to put you above the other videos. With this tool you can also see the average view count so you know what to expect. Pretty cool huh?

    I've pm'ed Healzer about this post so if I'm wrong or don't quite get something he'll correct me. You guys need to buy this tool. For $7 it's a steal. He's been amazingly helpful with me as well.

    Thanks! Hopefully you won't just follow but take action and lead!

    I'm a pretty organized guy. I like to do the research and see what works or doesn't work for people before I actually do it myself. Too many people just start doing stuff with no game plan and waste their time. I mean you need to take action but not without a plan.

    Me too! I want this to work so badly! I'm doing everything in my power to go about it the smart way to ensure success.

    Thanks! I hate coming to this forum to look for information sometimes because it's all over the place. I want to help out those who are trying to do the same thing I am. It's not a hefty goal, but it's mine. I know others just want the same. If I totally fail at this I know I tried my best and tried my best to give others the information I found to learn from my mistakes.

    On a side note, thanks to everyone who has helped me with my millions of questions. Those who have already accomplished my goal are priceless to me because they can provide insights I don't have. You are appreciated!

    I just got my YouTube PVA's today so I don't have any reason not to get work. I have all the tools I need now. I need to purchase a domain so I can start making landers. For example That way I don't have to purchase a URL for each niche I decide to promote. Some people put a WordPress blog on there. That doesn't make sense to me because 1) Unless you're using the page you created as a lander and have an awesome template it looks like crap. 2) That gives away your niches and provides content to steal for people like me.


    • Pick CPA offers to load into MCL (based on network stats and how easy they are to complete)
    • Pick out niches to create videos for and do KW research on them
    • Purchase Domain and add it to my hosting (some sort of .com because .info is cheap looking)
    • Design landers for my niches
    • Create videos for my niches.
    • Upload to all the tubes sites ( youtube, dailymotion, vimeo, metacafe, zipcast, veoh)
    • Run YouTube booster services to get credits for views ( addmefast, enhance views, u2bviews)

    I'll come back and expand on all these things. I use this thread as a to do list for myself. Time to get to work and get some stats!
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    Home Page:
    Awesome guide!
    Some real solid & quality share :D

    I'm glad the software has helped you and your business!
    Feel free to ask me for new features; making your life easier & more productive
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    Subscribe.Hopefully you will get a good result from this journey.Gud Luck ;)
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    OMG somuch information here. You really put a lot of effort and time into this thread. Thank you so much for this.

    I will step the yt + ppd/cpa game also in a few days. ;)
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    A real thorough guide for those starting up with YT, Kuddos on this one OP. Since you've got a decent amount of PVA accounts,
    did you ever think about throwing comment rating in the mix ?
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    Didn't even know you had a journey thread. Will follow this.
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    Added you on Skype :D
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    A really well-researched and well-written post. I have no doubt you will do well in this journey.

    Good luck, and keep the updates coming.
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