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    Hi All,

    I am trying to gauge the interest of the BHW community here...

    In 2008 I founded a Web Marketing & Design company targeting local Chicago businesses. I am grateful to say that since then, we have been able to expand to several more cities, and have been blessed to take on some very big clients!

    And that's great for us, but... WHY DO YOU CARE?

    Here's why...

    We are avid SENUKE X users, in some cases, running multiple instances on more than 5 computers simultaneously. We also use other programs like Article Marketing Robot (AMR) and more.

    Our biggest challenge has, undeniably been, finding well written & spun content to use with the software. Over the past 4 years, we've gone through the painful process of hiring (and firing) dozens of writers & spinners. That being said, we now have a ROCKSTAR team. Our writers & spinners are so good that 1 fully spun article will maintain a uniqueness of 75% out to thousands of spins (think html spins if ya catch my drift). What's more, each spin is an easy read and truly sounds like it was written by a college educated professional.

    They are really that good.

    Now, here is where I need your help. Our team is just the right size to handle our, in-house demands. However, our hiring & training process is DAMN NEAR PERFECT. If we wanted, I believe we could build a team of writers & spinners that would be capable of handling a much larger demand.


    What do you guys think? If I chose to create an easy to navigate site that you could order (at a reasonable price) a super well spun article, delivered fast...

    Would you be interested?

    I think many of us share the same frustrations here & I'd love to create a reliable source for us all.

    Please let me know your feedback here. Any thoughts / comments / critiques are welcomed!

    Thanks Guys & Gals!

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