The best marketing method for making money?

Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by indalor1, Feb 13, 2011.

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    Ok I'm not looking for a full blown instruction manual or anything. I know about a number of marketing methods but was wondering which method has the best potential to make long term money?

    With so many different ways to market a product or service online it's difficult for me to decide which I should settle on long term. Bum Marketing works if done right, CPA seems to work if you can get the people to actually take the action you want them to take, and PPC looks like it could work long tern if done correctly. And those are just 3 of the standards, all can be fiddled with and done in different ways, I'm sure. But as a basic long term marketing process, other than making my own product and getting others to sell it for me, what would be the best basic way to make money long term without having to switch back and forth between different methods?

    Oh and other than a name and maybe a sentence or two to clarify it, I was just looking for the specific type of marketing method. I can do the research on my own to figure out how it's done and modify it if I need to, to fit my own needs.

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    The best way to make money in the internet industry is to switch back
    and forth aka be diversified in your marketing methods.
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    Article syndication is the way to go. Just do a search.