Thanks a lot, Google!

Same Bro

Right when one of my white hat blogs started climbing up after 1 year of hard work, Google decided to surprise me with a gift.

Now, a villain is born who will keep posting AI articles on other websites.
Happened with one of my sites as well (100% human-written, well-researched articles)

But seeing some signs of recovery right after the rollout was complete. Hoping for the best
Well, normal google shuffle.

The only way to have some stability in SEO is to be Huge Authority in your Niche in Both Size and Backlinks. As long as you are someone who is trying to hang there, you must get hit. Because google isn't a charity organization, SEO is just there to market it's paid service *PPC*

So, you can't stay in top positions for long. You get a test of its traffic, know how it feels, then get hit to turn into PPC.
Couldn't have said it better myself. Once you learn just how profitable long tail keywords can be, when blended with SEO, and it can really take off. Google wants you to spend money with them. Sometimes, you never have to in order to reap the benefits, other times it makes sense to buy the traffic since it's so cheap (with such high intent).
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