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    Sep 22, 2012
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    Hey guys

    im kind of new here so, i dont know if this was already posted or not. Im posting this to get some feed back and some tips.

    Method 1

    youtube marketing with a choosen niche - need some tips in starting this - the main idea is making some videos and post the link, no big deal. im just wondering, what kind of video should i make, considering my niche is either health and fitness, or sports ?

    Method 2

    Using wordpress to step up an opportunity blog which contains the best offers in some organized manner, meaning i accept multiple offers from networks and re-arrange them directly to the public.

    i used adfly just to set up some automated method to get some experience and some links flowing - started it like 20 hours ago, got 80 views so far, with 3 hours work.

    would appreciate some feedback!