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Jun 3, 2023
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I require a quick and incredibly simple Gmail system built which is a tiny baby compared to my other systems. My primary system is incredibly sophisticated and sends out 30,000 customized emails to my clients with brochures every day. While it’s being rebuilt I need a very simple capable of doing the following:

-Setup a system to use 200-300 Gmail accounts, convert them to forward responses to my forwarding account and change the name to them. Then setup a server to run 6-8 VMs and send out emails BCC to +/-30,000 recipients/day by sending each email to the same email address as the sending account with 12 people set as BCC recipients per email. You’ll cycle through the provided subject lines and message texts and will need to be attaching 2 brochures per email.

-Setup a remote connection to one of my servers at my office to setup this system to run on my office IP

-The problem now is that we weren’t using proxies and I had almost $10K of GM Accounts shutdown using AWS without Proxies. Also, we don’t want to change Ips its important we send from same IP as we set them up.

-Take 750 7 year aged Gmail Accounts I’ll provide and write a script to go through these 750 accounts, login to them, verify the account with the provided backup email account to be able to login, then set them all up to forward to my forwarding account to be provided to you and to have them set as my sales guy’s names

-Take my data provided in either .CSV or .XML format and use it to construct a simple SQL database to include:

*Gmail Sending Accounts(w/Password, backup email, Backup phone, & Forwarding Account), my recipient email addresses(initially several million), Time/Date sent, Set of send subject lines, message intros, messages, and message signatures.

-Then take whichever server or PC I setup(I hope to use a larger Xeon with 24 cores, but may use a smaller Xeon or one of my 13900K I9s w/ 128GB Ram. Set it up to run +/- 8 probably old Windows 7 or Windows 8 virtual machines which we will use to run these sends through.

I have been aggressively utilizing Mass G-Mail Marketing campaigns for my businesses which are focused around the Decommissioning of large industrial facilities, plants, and other structures and the recovery of the maximum value from both the facilities/structures themselves but also the equipment within and outside of them. I decommission 1,000,000 square foot data centers and 500MW power plants and sell everything inside of them including scrap metals amongst incredibly more.

My old system was originally built around 2014 and has been pieced together primarily using AutoIt. My primary system was easily capable of sending 30,000 emails/day 7 days per week all being highly customized emails including hundreds of variables in text and subject lines as well as the attaching of multiple brochures to each email demonstrating our capabilities, our inventory, amongst other things. The bounce collection and categorization/analysis system was potent. The problem is my primary programmer became incredibly ill and developed many autoimmune diseases becoming incapable of working any more. He got chronic fatigue syndrome shutting his brain off then colitis and Rheumatoid Arthritis requiring braces on his hands and refuses the$7,000 of IL6 inhibitors, JAK inhibitors, and Glucocorticoids I had smuggled into this country from Vietnam for him. So, my old IT guy who co-built this 8 years ago, I hired fresh out of prison making $8/hr unloading trucks and motivated him into such a beast grew so quickly he had me paying him +$100,000/yr 12 months later with no degree has taken this back over. He’s a young kid and he’s so good that he's making $300K/year + full benefits for a large company so he’s only 30 hours a week on this.

So my new guy thinks he’ll have things running at full strength in 2 weeks, but I find program development to be an example of a task, the time of which to expect is usually better anticipated by those not performing it but by those regularly having it developed and overseeing the process. I think planning on 7 weeks would be an incredibly more prudent course of action. Furthermoe it serves 2 purposess. Firstly, it will quadruple my leads, but secondly and far from Lesly it will allow me to clean my new email list of some 5,000,000 emails down from 30% bounces to 2% bounces. At 30% we’re getting shut back down, so!

From my understanding, my new guy who is now infinitely more sophisticated has segued everything regarding logic from AutoIT to GoLang and using a Selenium headless browser and has the proxies already setup and connected to his 1,500 accounts setup through between 4 and 6 unique non Google or Amazon controlled AWS systems.
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