Tell if I'm using my proxies correctly

Discussion in 'Proxies' started by Maser, Aug 9, 2014.

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    Jun 13, 2014
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    Okay, purchased 10 proxies a couple of days ago from Instant Proxies to boost my tumblr traffic and want to make sure I'm using them safely.

    So far I've only manually created two new tumblrs using this process:

    1. Make sure I'm logged out of main tumblr (which I only use in Chrome)
    2. Open private browsing window in Firefox
    3. Change browser settings to proxy IP
    4. Verify IP using whatismyip
    5. Created email using
    5. Create tumblr
    6. Like/follow daily limit
    7. Logout
    8. Switch back to regular IP and then close private browsing Firefox before logging back into money tumblr on Chrome

    I used this to create 1 new tumblr yesterday and 1 new one today (today's was a different IP then yesterday). I've made note of what IP I"m using with each account so I don't get those mixed up but I only NOW installed betterprivacy and cookie killer addons.

    I'm only planning on using these accounts to build up followers and periodically reblog posts from my main tumblr when they need a boost. No porn. No affiliate offer or mylikes or anything. Just promoting my main site which is an art/photo blog. Reblogging at least 10 or so other people's post for every one of mine to keep it looking natural. Queing up posts in each promo blog pointing back to itself to help build followers.

    The art/photo tumblr I'm trying to boost has ~6500 followers and is 5 months old and I really want to keep this one safe. I've got another fitspo blog on this same IP that I'm not currently promoting anything with that's about the same age with about 7500 followers. Different emails but obviously tumblr knows those are the same IP at this point.

    Is there anything wrong with this? Should I go ahead with this process for my remaining IPs? I plan on keeping it 1 account/1 IP. Or do I need to ditch the 2 I've created so far and use a different method going forward for creating/managing accounts?
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    how do you switch back to your regular proxy IP?
    And dude how do you change your Proxy IP?
    Do you use a software? OR You just change it in the browser? If you do change in the browser is it like 100% sure that they can't trace or find out your original proxy?
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    Bots programming
    It seems that your scheme is ok, but this process can be simply automated :) And if you use bot for such tasks, then no need to worry about cookies and other shit that your web browser may keep.