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Swings and roundabouts

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by GDAU, May 15, 2017.

  1. GDAU

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    May 15, 2017
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    I stumbled into digital marketing just over 4 years ago.

    My girlfriend at the time had purchased this special herbal tea online for over $35!!! I looked at it and thought, fuck, i could recreate that.

    A little searching online revealed a decent local supplier of product & $500 later i was in business.

    I setup the shopify account, loaded up some graphics & within a week i had an online store.

    For 2 months the shop didn’t really do much. I think it made around $2-3k in sales off the back of some heavy Instagram promoting.

    As you do, i started looking into what else was available. I came across Google Adwords & thought id give it a go.

    I remember the first night i ran a campaign... i was scared shitless about spending money i didn't have, hoping id get that sale. I had no idea what i was doing. i let google decide my bid and loaded up with phrase match, low-buyer intent keywords… But i was ready to roll the dice & see what happens.

    In 20 minutes i spent $150. But… i made $320 in sales. I remember my phone was lighting up with orders.

    This was my holy shit moment. This is when i thought to myself ‘this is the keys to the castle’. I can fuck that boring corporate banker job off and get on with my life. I’ve been hooked on digital marketing ever since.

    Fast forward and over the course of 4 years I’ve made over $2.5 million online with this herbal tea business. This has primarily been from paid search. I’ve learnt a lot of lessons extending from tax minimisation strategies to contract manufacturing products. I even got flown to one of the Google HQ offices because of how much i was spending on paid search.

    Unfortunately during that time, the above mentioned girlfriend & I broke up. I turned into a party boy, boozed, smoked & travelled the money away.

    I found myself in a bit of a tax issue & now work for a big corporate as a digital marketing manager. I’ve always been a bit weak with SEO and wanted to strengthen up this skill set.

    Luckily my boss is a gun, a bit grey-hat, and informed me about this site. I’ve been lurking in and out for a few weeks but now decided to join.

    I still own my herbal tea business & I’m building it back up to its former glory.

    Looking forward to the path ahead.