Subdomains Vs. Buying a new Domain


Jan 4, 2010
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So right now I have 3 domain names, and a bunch of subdomains. My hosting plan allows unlimited subdomains, so I was wondering how detrimental it is to have a bunch of subdomains? Are subdomains really that much worse? Does the big G prefer domains over subdomains, or does it not really matter? Thanks!
For ranking it doesn't matter, but you are not flexibel with subdomain, you can't split it.

If you make SEO it looks not good if you make for a bodybuildingsite SEO and the url is: etc.
So basically rankings don't get affected at all? What if I have a really generic domain that I split into many subdomains? Such as or something
Think about why most of the people prefer to buy a new domain for a new niche, three negative factors with a subdomain would be:

1 - in some places you cannot submit subdomains as links and/or new links to promote
2 - it's somehow harder to promote because the name gets longer and can distract
3 - if the main domain happens to get some bad reputation then the subdomain will be linked to it, while a new domain it's on its own

However, if the subdomains would be the same niche as the main domain i will personally use some.. hope this helps.
If you want to promote a product on CB, I would say go with subdomain.

If you are using adsense for a niche I would definitely go with a new domain.
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