STOP WRITING YOUR COMMENTS (2nd series) ! Very good FREE techniques :o)

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    A little contribution ;)

    Here is a very good trick to find absolute unique and relevant content to your niche super fast ! No more writing :D

    You are about to see a great short video from a very good marketer you propably know.

    It comes from his Autoblog Course, but as Google has changed his algos, the course is now obsolete.
    If you want the update of the course, you have to pay something like 150 bucks?

    But whatever this is not the point.

    The point is?? just watch the video !

    You'll need this :

    [COLOR=#ffffcc][COLOR=#ffffcc]user:[/COLOR][COLOR=#ffffcc] trafficcash[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=#ffffcc]password: system99[/COLOR]

    If you want the whole course, even if it is out of date, it could interest you.
    Even if I didn?t try the ?old? version (and I?ve bought it ! lol), I?m pretty sure it works/worked.
    If you like autoblogs, there are really great techniques to feed your blogs automatically.


    Same logs and pass :

    [COLOR=#ffffcc][COLOR=#ffffcc]user:[/COLOR][COLOR=#ffffcc] trafficcash[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=#ffffcc]password: system99[/COLOR]

    When you finish to watch the video, here is my additional complementary personal tip !
    Very useful (However I didn?t invent it !)

    If you want to see your keywords in a FLASH in the same webpage,
    use Firefox, highlight the keyword, press ?CTRL+F?, a little tab opens at the bottom of the window.
    In this tab, just finish by clicking on ?Highlight All? (or something like that, I have the French version) and you can also change the word(s) directly it the tab.

    Results : just great, every single comment which contains your keyword appears in purple. ---
    -> You see super fast which comments (you want to copy) has this particular keyword !
    Great time saver and very good to have related content.

    It is also very useful for other tasks J, just use your imagination.

    Watch the vid, you won?t regret it.


    Another personal technique (already posted here on BHW) to get 100% unique content,
    technique which WORKS, and than I use (and I?m VERY lazy and not English speaker), just go there :

    Enjoy !