Starting all over again, need advice for keywords

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    Hello blackhatters :) 2 years ago i used to make good money with internet marketing until i took a brake for college. I would like to start all over again but it looks like there are different "rules" in the seo world at the moment.

    I own the popular softwares used back than like scrapebox, bookmarking demon, senukex and few similar, which i'm not sure if they are any good at the moment. Beside seo, I used to do cpa, selling backlinks on fiverr and social stuff.

    I tried the new google planner (keyword tool) along with the trail versions of traffic travis, market samurai and few more similar softwares but without luck finding a good keyword. The keywords that i had in the past are hard to start all over again (difficult keywords) and i've decided to go with micro niches for now. I already saw every thread relating to keywords finding and as i said, without luck finding a keyword with the help from those threads. I also found some new books relating to the topic, tried those methods as well, but all keywords (even with less than 1000 searches per month) are with hard competition in different fields (fully optimized sites, mostly high pr aged domains, tons of backlinks on them)

    I still own the hosting (without the domains i had), have some cash for domains, have huge knowledge for web development, onsite and offsite seo. I just need a good free advice or maybe few tricks on finding myself a new good keyword so i can start all over again.

    Cheers :)