Start dropshipping store with 2000$, or not?


Nov 25, 2017
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Hi fellow entrepreneurs. I collected 2000$ for this year and now I want to invest this money in dropshipping.
Right now I don't have any plan from where to start, because I have my full-time job. Also, I don't know if this enough money to start some business like dropshipping, and should I pay someone from bhw to create my stores?
Or if anyone else has a better idea to invest this amount of money I am here to learn.
Thank you all.


Apr 21, 2018
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Firstly, I'm new to this forum so my words probably don't have much backing.
Dropshipping isis enou to start if you make the site yourself. Run it yourself and learn and keep going. You must take it as a long term project. Most just want to make lots of money. But it takes time to fimd winning products, sucksessful ads and a good clinet base.
I would encourage to view your habits first. Good habits are key.
You come here to ask such a basic question. Is it good enough money if I don't have a plan?
Ofc you need a plan of action. There is a middle ground between panning and taking action. You must do bouth.
I get that there is alot of information but there are way to make good profit with dropshipping. Yo just got to organize yourself. Be willing to fail. Otherwise if you quit straight after your first few unsuccessful campaigns I would not bother trying it at all.
There is a lot of info on this forum.
There is a thread wich has good info about internet marketing and how it all starts from you and noftim else.


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Jan 26, 2017
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hire a freelancer to costumize your store, buy a domain and hosting. choose your niche. hire someone to scrap your items. hire someone to do the promotion on social media to get traffic. buy some shoutouts for faster traffic. that's the best you can so since you don't have time to do it yourself