Square Cash Payment Failing??? Anyone know why?

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by bigstuffpop, Nov 15, 2016.

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    Nov 15, 2016
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    So im new here but i decided to make a account, i did email square cash about this waiting for their response.

    But im hoping i can quicker answeres here because its kind of a fast deal

    I created a square cash account recently. I just started buiilding websites this week, i learned it and am doing it, bought a craigslist blasting bot and blasted ads all over craigslsit for my business.

    I got a response, built this man a website for $800, i did everything built backlink custom built theme it took maybe 20-25 man hours so its pretty good money.

    So i heard that square cash is a good way to accept payments, so i billed the guy $800 and he paid it, i gave him the website admin info.

    The payment was pending for 4 hours, then it failed. thats what it said, it said it failed.

    I contacted the guy that paid and let him know, i tried billing him again but my account limits were exceeded so i had to make another square cash did it again this time i added a bank account, i read that, that may have been the issue and taht you should add a bank account. so i did and the guy paid again and the same thing happened after 4 hours.

    so then the guy got pissed sent me over the changed login info and canceled the order. but ive been receiving tons of inquiries for my work with no way of really accepting payments.

    I emailed square last night they got backt o me really fast saying they had to mess around with setting and that my account should be good to go. which is great accept well now my account is almost past the limits, so im going to have to create another account and then contact square cash all over again and ask them if they need to change any setting before charging someone this time.

    i dont want to waste a bank account i only have 2 so if this gets wasted then im screwed for a while so i gotta make sure i get it right.

    Thats why i made this thread if anyone can share some light on this issue and how to fix it.

    I would prefer to stay with sqaure cash if i can figure it out because they have virual cards and its easier cashing out the payments IMO then using banks. and My plan was to square cash account hop and kill accounts and not really worry about bank accounts when i can cash them out by buying stuff ofd amaozn or somwthing maybe some prepaid cards and taht way its harder to track with taxes also.

    So idk please share some light, i know its a lengthy post, I apprecaite anyone that will help me out, i just quit my job to pursue this and every was good until this situation and ebfore i get anymore clients i need to know how sqare cash works better
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