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    Feb 3, 2016
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    Hello people :) I am guessing that much of you didnt heard anything about this stuff :) I would like to talk a little about this stuff if you dont mind, and i hope you dont. Me, as a little boy, was dreaming about being a spy like James Bond, like idk Tom Cruise in mission impossible :) Nowdays, its possible to have some gear what happend to be like that one in movies :cool:
    Spy gears are the best items for resellers and drop shippers. Here is why. All of the big trading platforms have some kind of policy again selling Spy gears.
    Now, i am wondering did someone of you heard about Ankaka?
    I heard that they have a very good drop shipper program to help new people who want to come into this business. Anyways the have also good product what i could saw on their website...
    I would really appreciate for any comment and experience shared with me about this company :) I am a newcomer in this business and want to talk a little about it :)
    Looking forward for some advice about Ankaka and this, maybe my dream job