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    Hello BHW community. This is my first post on BHW, however i am not a complete newbie with online projects. Been doing it full time for 2 years. As a title suggests, I am going to launch a sports streaming website. The basic idea is to host a website at hosting24. Buy various licenses of sport events like boxing, mma, football, nba etc. Play videos on a VPS with a good internet speed and stream it to the website. I would earn money by adding pop ups or cpa offers to the website. I was recommended to use MaxBounty as a CPA network. I am still in a research phase, hopefully BHW community can step in and help me clear a few things.

    My questions are:

    1. What streaming software would you recommend for this project?

    2. I was told Hosting24 allows sports streaming. Are there any more reliable hosting companies that would allow sports streaming. If so, please feel free to recommend them.

    3. Would MaxBounty do good as the main CPA network for this project?

    4. I am still looking for a good and reliable VPS with good internet speed. All suggestions are welcomed.

    5. Lastly, not really a question. But if you have suggestions/ideas how you would market/advertise such a website, please share your thoughts :)

    Thanks for the help in advance,

    Happy Hustle everyome :)
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    Hello and welcome Happy Hustle,

    All reputable offshore hosting providers will allow you to embed stream pretty much everything.
    Most of our users are using red5 ( free) or similar.
    Would advise you to pick provider with 100/200Mbps and DDOS protection (sport niche have some mad competitors).

    Good luck with your project :)
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    Hey OP I have been streaming hockey games and wanted to make a website and monetize it.

    Which host / vps did you end up using?