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Some Questions -Nova

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by NovaFusion, Jan 30, 2017.

  1. NovaFusion

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    Jan 29, 2017
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    Hello, Nova Here :eek: and New to the forum! I've been researching seo intensely for about a month and i recently launched my website about 1 1/2 weeks ago. I made a shitty-simple website with a couple of pages about Nose Job surgery, linked out to wiki, did some simple silo, and put some relevant videos. Right now im waiting for my 5 pbn link purchase to about Feb, 2 should come though. Also, im trying to do the rent and rank strategy bascially pick high ended niches and rank pages for keywords and rent them out to businesses.
    My goal: RANK. Then figure out the rest of the shit lol.

    Here's my questions:

    1. How long does it take for my website to rank for my keyword. Cause my website has like 0 Analytics :(
    2. I have 3 keywords. The results are 257,000, 21,000 (Trying to rank for most), and 14,000 and none im ranking for is this normal?
    3. Is buying pbn links the way to go? Yes, I'm aware of over optimization, duplicate
    content, and tons of links will kill your website in ranks.
    4. Was there anything else i could do for my website to rank? Keep in mind im a Noob that you want to shoot.
    5. After i want to overlay their website onto mine. Are there any free options? and no monthly payments :) for plugins like source ccs, Double agent, ect. I asked Alex Becker on a webinar and he said yea Google it up... I'm looking at X-ray serp 100$ 1 payment and I'm 16 so my budget is pretty slim to none.
    6. X-ray serp needs a business paypal account which I'm like Fuckkkkk i have a bank account not sure if i can get a business paypal account though without having issues or am i just overreacting? Do i have options? like using mothers paypal account for now.
    7. Now onto Actively selling out the website how is it possible to call them up and get them agreeing to rent out your website without buying a call tracking service showing anaylitics and just saying "I'm number 1 on Google and you can get Free Leads and more bullshit....".
    8. Anything info and constructive criticism would be appreciated thnx

    i feel like seo is like shady but they also get a benefit out of it idk man i just want to be successful. I want to prove to everyone that i am worth something and not just a socially awkward loner :(
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