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Discussion in 'Making Money' started by gauldoth, Nov 27, 2013.

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    Hey all, I have a 3 twitter accounts which all together have a total of 17000 plus followers. 11000 on one, 4000 plus and 2000 plus on the others. My twitter accounts are horoscope/zodiac accounts, each one tweeting general information about their respective zodiac signs. My followers are real and pretty active (around 60-200 retweets per post for the 11000 followers account), most are from the US and UK. So far I have tried monetizing using Mylikes and sponsored tweets. With Mylikes I make pretty little, and I'm not getting any offers using sponsored tweets leaving Adsense as my only option. My current idea is to create a website containing Adsense ads where I'll basically elaborate on my tweets. At the end of my usual tweets I will put a link to my website, giving my followers the option to read more.

    My questions are, given my current amount of followers which are honestly pretty little in terms of twitter marketing. How much should I expect to earn from Adsense? Is it worth it to invest in a domain now or should I wait until I have a larger following?

    Also how safe would it be to put Adsense on a site that relies solely on Twitter traffic? As far as I know many people have gotten their Adsense accounts banned due to too much social traffic/lack of google search traffic. Seeing as how competitive the horoscope/zodiac niche is, it is very unlikely that my website will ever get ranked on google meaning all my traffic will likely come from twitter. If I were to use other advertising networks or maybe CPM ads, I mostly likely wouldn't have enough traffic to make anything decent right? If so, would it still be the worth the effort and investment of creating a domain or should I just stick with mylikes till my accounts grow.

    Thanks for reading guys!
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    In my thinking, it is never too early to start monetizing a social media account. I would personally purchase a relevant domain name, and load a nice 9gag clone onto it. Put some ads on the side, and you should be good. Be sure to not just spam the crap out of the pages with your link. Just place it every once and awhile.
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    Mobile App downloads, this is one of the best ways. A lot of people read twitter in mobile devices, and look for app recomendations, we are using Geenapp, they have +300 apps to promote in all the territories. Depending on the account we do 100 installs/10.000 users.