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Some Inside Baseball On Proxies

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by gdotcom, Jan 5, 2017.

  1. gdotcom

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    Jun 19, 2012
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    Getting money.
    So I've read numerous threads where people stress the importance of proxies and pay like $10/proxy. A lot of folks get spooked into buying a gang of proxies to avoid getting their accounts banned, etc. Especially after reading the horror stories on here of hundreds of Twitter accounts being suspended all at once.

    Not saying proxies aren't important but here's my experience and what I've done in my years of I.M.

    I didn't start out on any major social media platforms, I started out on a lesser known one but it still has millions (or so they claim) of active users. In the beginning I was using HMA VPN and was literally spamming the shit out of the network daily. To the point they would ghost every IP and I built a bot that would switch IPs through the HMA VPN app.

    But after going through almost every IP on HMA something dawned on me.

    Periodically I use an app for Android called "EasyTether" (no I have no affiliations with this app nor do I even know if it's still available) to tether the internet through my phone to my laptop, especially if I'm on the road and there's no wifi. There are other tethering apps for Android you can use but I'm just giving you an example.

    I have a plan with my carrier I've been with for years and I'm grandfathered in for unlimited data. So I put 2 and 2 together. I was running my spam software through my laptop so I decided to tether the internet through my phone and see what the social network I was spamming would do.

    Well I ran it and first they ghosted my phone's IP per usual UNTIL....I saw they had become bogged down with user complaints form the city I'm in saying all their accounts had been ghosted as well. Needless to say I discovered everybody with my carrier in my city all share the same IP. So when they ghosted me they ghosted the whole city. They unghosted the IP that same day and had to create software to detect my spam and work around the IP issue. But I still banked unbothered and outsmarted them anyways.

    But fast forward to today. I have hundreds of accounts across every social platform and run FollowLiker, the full suite, for every platform...everyday....through my phone's internet. No proxies, but I still use HMA VPN once in a while for manual logins to do hands-on stuff.

    I get the occasional "phone verify" or "change email" (probably because of the settings I use). But I don't get these mass bans a lot of these other folks get nor have I gotten a call from my mobile carrier about excessive data.

    Moral of the story is I think these networks have some sort of detection to see which IPs are some main mobile terminal for each carrier so If you run accounts through that terminal you blend in as just a bunch of other mobile users.

    I wouldn't go balls to the wall with this unless you have unlimited data and are sure you're not going to get a call from your carrier. Hope this post helps a few folks.
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    Jul 25, 2011
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    Good tip, interesting. I wonder if this goes for mobile hot spots as well.

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