social media management

  1. A

    Looking for Marketer / Social Media Manager to boost NFT related Service & Products

    We're creating new services, products, and content around NFTs and Blockchain. And we're looking for a few skills - it can be one or multiple roles: - Social Media Manager, with the relevant experience, to help us build the community and audience around these services. - Marketer and Growth...
  2. prey24

    ⭐Branded Personalized Content For Your Social Handles⭐ || Beautiful Designs⭐ || Researched Content⭐ || Relevant Hashtags⭐

  3. GringoMonkey

    Looking for A Social Media Ad Manager

    Hi, I am looking for a Social Media Ad Manager to run run front end email sign up campaigns on both Facebook and Instagram. The purpose of the campaigns will be to drive targeted traffic to my landing pages and success will be measured on how many signups I get, at the lowest possible price...
  4. Unlicensed420

    How can i make SocialMediaManagement agency better?

    So i run a small Social Media Management agency in India with about 4 active clients. I usually cover (including the one clients already have) all the relevant social media handles for growth and exposure. We are currently handling about 4 active clients, with everything being done manually...
  5. Ankith K Shetty

    Want to copy all of a profile's Instagram posts into my Insta Account on Auto Pilot

    Want to copy all of a profile's Instagram posts into my Insta Account on Auto Pilot. Anyway to do this?
  6. bWorkers

    Looking for social media marketer

    Hello to all Respected members in BHW. We are looking for someone who has specialized skill in social media marketing. I would like to request all respected marketer to contact with me. Thank you
  7. W White


    Hey Guys, As I am recovering from my surgery, I had some free time. So I thought I would share a new method with you guys. As a few of you might know from my previous journey, I am running a digital web agency. So this method is all about that. You can provide any services to businesses...
  8. adolfousier

    Hello bhw people!

    I'm so excited to join black hat world, long time coming here offline to check advices, tips and tricks. My name is Adolfo Usier, a father of a 19 years old girl, executive producer, fashion photographer, web designer, SEO specialist, social media manager, record label manager, among others...
  9. Shel

    I don't understand SMM (Social Media Management)

    Hi there, On a previous thread I was advised to sell SMM services instead of website development. I was told to manage facebook & instagram (for example) accounts and post news, photos for the businesses and try to increase followers number. But then when doing researches about SMM I saw...
  10. seoabmgeek

    Which social network is most effective?

    Hi guys, all of us have already known about the strength of social media. It can drive to our website a huge amount of traffic which can be converted to loyalty customers. However, it's quite hard to find out which one is the best for our SEO strategy. In your view, which one is the best...
  11. biffer123

    Would you rather a book on Instagram growth & monetization, getting clients, or all of them?

    As title suggests, I'm thinking of putting together a ebook of sorts and wondering where to focus Would you guys be interested in learning Instagram growth & monetization? Would you rather hear about how to get clients for an agency (could be non-instagram related agency) Or Would you...
  12. adaobi oduenyi

    How can i get work as a social media manager freelancer

    hello so i currently work as a social media manager, but i have been trying to get into free lancing , signed up on a couple of sites but am not really getting feed back and i really want to build my portfolio. so if anyone can help out that would be awesome:):)
  13. Loki Lavey

    [JV]Need Clients. My IG Knowledge, Team, Bot, Proxies, and VPS.

    Hows it going guys? I've been on BHW for a while, some of you might have read my journey threads. I'm looking for someone with a specific skill-set. Instagram is a gold-mine and now I have things down to a science. I've been making a majority of my living from Instagram over the last year. I...
  14. biffer123

    Journey to $50,000 per month with Instagram Agency [$10k/m currently]

    What's up guys, Biffer here. Not too long ago I knew nothing about IM whatsoever, and this forum is where I started off, learned the basics and got hooked on internet money. I'm deciding to do a journey thread to keep me slightly accountable to achieving my goals, and to hopefully motivate &...
  15. biffer123

    [AMA] $10,000/month Instagram Agency (and scaling)

    Hey everyone I'm Biffer, not too long ago I knew nothing about IM whatsoever, and this forum is where I started off, learned the basics and got hooked on internet money. This is a thread where you can ask me anything regarding growth, clients, agency questions and anything else related to...
  16. vondracul

    Web services price quotation

    Hello everybody , i would be grateful if anyone of you could share with me any price quotation template that he uses for clients. I have a few clients but a big one came along and i want a more official price quotation to give him for : 1.Eshop construction (wordpress) 2.Amazon storefront 3.PPC...
  17. Derva

    Social Media Management Foreign Mobile Proxy

    Do some of you have experience with running a social media management service with a foreign mobile proxy? In Example: If I buy a mobile proxy from Saly, which has a Ukrainian IP/GEO, will I get into trouble when I automate an account that is predominantly/always used in The Netherlands? Of...
  18. Olivier Gracia

    Looking for a social media manager

    Hi, I'm looking for a social media manager for 2 online shops that I run PM or ogive1 where you know
  19. W White

    [LONG TERM BUSINESS] Digital Marketing Agency Startup - Targeting 6 Figure Per Month

    Hey Fellas, Some of you might be knowing me from my previous journey of PPC + Clickbank and how I successfully achieved my target of $1000/day through thorough planning, execution, and optimization. As I also announced on my previous journey thread, I had been intending to start my digital...
  20. GringoMonkey

    [JV]- I Provide Social Media Management Client Leads, You Provide the Services

    Earlier in the year I ran a Local Social Media Management Agency JV. That has proved very successful and I now have way more leads coming in than I can possibly cope with. Therefore the purpose of this JV is to partner with Social Media Marketing Agencies where I will provide you with as many...