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Some Advice Needed...

Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by Billy Blue, Aug 7, 2010.

  1. Billy Blue

    Billy Blue Newbie

    Aug 7, 2010
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    Hi all,

    I thought I'd post up my scenario to get the advice of more experienced Web designers / Internet marketers / SEO'ers. If there?s anyone out there who would like to comment I would be most appreciative!

    I run a Migration Agency. We help clients get visas for the UK, including tourist visas, partner visas, skilled visas, working holiday visas, etc.

    The whole area surrounding 'migration' on the internet is a thoroughly sewn up market. The click through rate is high, so of course, there?s a lot of competition from the marketers and the advertisers... That makes my job as a webmaster for my own company difficult!

    I have 6 domains for some of the lesser competitive keywords / long-tails... eg: ?Thai Wife UK Tourist Visa? ? as these are not as competitive as, ?UK Tourist Visa? for example.

    At the moment all of the 6 domains point into my ?Sales Page / Squeeze Page / Buy Now Page? on a different URL, via text links in each article. My question is:

    Does this type of linking structure cause red flags to google?

    I mean 30-odd links going to the same domain looks odd, right?

    I can?t NOT link my articles to my ?Buy Now Page? because that?s how I funnel through my clients (via, the lesser competitive longtails) but is there a more sophisticated means of doing so that will not upset Google? or is it OK to have all those outbound links to one source?

    PS: My Buy Now page is not SEO?d for my keywords. And I cannot make ONE BIG authority site, as I can?t get near the keywords I would need for the SEO? So I want to stay with the long tails.

    Any advice / thoughts / comments?