So I tried LSD (acid) for the first time.

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The only things I've taken are MDMA and at techno events Haven't touched alcohol for 2 years though.
Tripped around 10 times since the beginning of this post.

Had one really bad trip. Was scared to shit.

Overall LSD has basically cured my depression and overall improved my life for the better.

Edit: For anyone that warned me of cops. I'm still out of jail after 5 months of this post
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I'm kinda afraid of hallucinogens, I don't want to trip for half a day. Usually, I just chill with weed and occasionally cocaine.
Tripping for 16 hours straight is fun for about 4 of them.

DMT is really intense, but one of the good things is the short window of fuckedness (if you smoke it, if you do ayahuasca buckle up for a long ride too).
I started as a social drinker on university and ended up ultra heavy drunkard with rehab the last year. I poured at least $50k down my throat. Soon it´s 1 year I am clean. I damaged my IM business completely, almost lost my corporate job, my wife almost left me. I was a few millimeters from the edge. I literally needed 6 months to get to at least some (very sensitive) balance with my family and people around me. Now I am just slowly returning to where I was 8 - 10 years ago. Don´t fuck with substances. They will not help you in anything. Save your money on something else.
I don't recommend trying drugs. That is all.
What about alcohol? What about coffee (caffeine)?

Some people live hard lives so they take drugs to get through it. Some people use them for recreation. Some people use them for therapy. They are just tools like anything. Some drugs should be avoided due to extremely high abuse potential but most drugs including illegal ones seem to be able to be used responsibly imo.

It lasts freaking 12 hours.. I was tired af when i stopped tripping.

The tab i took was only 100ug.

Thinking of trying DMT next.

Any experienced trippers in BHW?
I've only taken a low dose of psilocybin containing mushrooms once a few months ago, just 1.2g. Was a really nice experience, highly recommend it. It also didn't seem very addictive, and seemed to have a longer lasting anti depressent effect for the weeks following the trip which I wasn't expecting considering the dose was on the low end.

Btw, test your stuff next time. A vendor can be usually good but there are substances sold as LSD which can be fatal, and if a vendor gets a bad batch of stuff in which they sell to their customers without testing properly then you can be in trouble. Be safe bro :)
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