1. javabro

    So I tried LSD (acid) for the first time.

    Not that into drugs... Just a social drinker. (don't smoke). Been reading about LSD for a while and wanted to give it a shot. We don't have street dealers that sells LSD where im from. Ordered from darknet got it in in just two weeks. (dude.. darknet markets are so slick. It is insane how any...
  2. S

    Hello Everyone, I am new and happy to be here, hope I enjoy my stay..

    Hello Everyone, I am new and happy to be here, hope I enjoy my stay... I will be happy if old members can welcome me and give me their own views and orientation about BH. I am a Research Chemical expert and hope my products and services will welcome and discussed here. wickr; seanpaxson thanks...
  3. Elon Musk

    Your opinion about LSD?

    I just want to hear what you think about LSD. A lot of big guys used them like Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. They mentioned that it was a big role in their life. To keep it clear, I don't think of using it at the party or to have fun, I think about using it to learn a little bit more about...
  4. B

    Should LSD be in hospitals ?

    So there s this debate in my country right now about assisted suicide and wether its right or wrong. Well I have a solution. To those people that are really in a bad state and want to die, give them a daily dose of LSD. - They'll be high as fuck and happy - They'll get an option on whether...
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