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    There are companies who are offering social media marketing/inbound marketing services to their clients... so they are creating a lot of social media accounts, blogs, websites, etc. and manage them over a long time. After reading a little on this forum, I realized that it is not that simple: all such accounts would be banned 'cause it is all coming from the same IP... I assume this could be the same with blogs, so that if Google sees 10 blogs are managed by the same IP, they would de-index them (even though the content might be unique?).

    Could you tell me how exactly those companies are doing it? For instance, I read that some companies use hootsuite but I don't remember that this prog allows proxies used - so I am confused, how do they do it?

    Is it fact that a company who is offering such Online Marketing services for social media, websites, etc. are all buying proxies to handle the jobs?

    What if I only manage (not create) social media accounts, blog accounts, websites for other people - do I also need proxies?

    Thank you for your time!!
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    I'm new, but I'm not sure if people want to answer your questions in great detail, simply because they've made businesses out of it. It's something that you may have to try out for yourself. Experiment a little.

    I'm too new so I don't know with 100% certainty, but I know that SeNuke can help out a lot with automating a lot of stuff. That or Ultimate Deamon. They are very helpful tools.
    Probably. That or they are creating their own proxies.
    You may. I've heard that you can get away with using certain blog accounts with the same IP. I think it might look better with different IP's all around. But you can get creative. As in using 1 proxy for several different blog sites not from the same hosting company. Basically, just play around with it. Test your boundaries. See what works and what doesn't work.

    Hope this helps!;)
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    VPS and Proxy services, plus Tor and host of other stuff can help you stay anonymous online. Plus Twitter doesn't really seem to care about how many accounts you have on the same IP. If Google sees 10 blogs from the same IP they don't care as long as the person isn't interlinking them.

    You can create a ton of social media profiles with no proxies. When you really start to scale it up your going to need a ton of proxies and a ton of SIM cards if you want to verify Facebook accounts. You could set up a considerable number of profiles from one IP, especially public IP's like Universitys and libraries.
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    For facebook, they use apps that post and do stuff on the clients accounts/pages.
    So the company doesn't create the account or page, but the client does.
    Then the client allows the app of the company to post and do stuff on their account/page, just like you can allow social games to post on your timeline.

    The company then has a software suite to manage the apps on all their clients pages.

    This way there is no need for proxies or vpn's, since they do not login into facebook at all to manage those clients, they just sent updates from their software through the app to the clients account/page
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