Slicethepie method for the lazy!!

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    Hey guys! Its me! Andy. Here to give you another method.
    Ok we all know what slicethepie is.. right?
    Well if you dont already know, slice_the_pie_._com is a website that pays you for leaving reviews on songs. (Basically getting paid to listen to music).
    Now alot of people dont like to use this site because it takes FOREVER to write the reviews (or maybe people are just lazy :p)
    But if you are one of those lazy people, then i have the thing for you!

    Ok so heres the method.

    I started by signing up for a slicethepie account on the website, after you have done that, go to google translator (YOU MUST HAVE A MIC FOR THIS, SORRY :-/) Listen to the song on slicethepie for about... 30 seconds. When you think you know what you're going to say, click the little voice microphone in the left hand cornor of the google translator and start speak.

    Now this is were people get thrown off. Of course you CANT copy/paste reviews in slicethepie.. So you wanna use a program. Its a runescape auto type by gary. Google the program and download it. Once its downloaded open it and select auto typer. Next, click on add, copy the review from google translator into the program and add it to the program. Once thats done, go back to slicethepie, click on "start" on the program, and watch your review get typer in less then 5 second. SIMPLE AND EASY.

    Im sorry if the post isnt very well typed :-/ But thats my method! Hope you have enjoy!

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    Cool idea, but I don't think that site has much earning potential.