Sites Gone? Google Update? WTF


May 13, 2011
I have two sites that use to rank #1 for several keywords. Both sites are EMD 1 is a year old and the other is a 2 year old site. I check this morning and they are gone from the G Monster... The two year old site has all kinds of back links i.e. comments, AMR, Profile etc. However, my other site only has AMR links from articles that were spun.

I hope it doesn't stay like this. One of the sites is a big money maker for me.:(

Are your sites dropping/missing?
Yup, same here. Just saw two of my sites go from top 10 to not being in the top 1000. Not sure what's going on.
My sites actually went higher today.. But not so much that this might be considered a major update.
Same with my site. It had around 7 keywords in top 5 results and total 12 on first page. But when I checked today with Market samurai, those keywords were pushed out of top 100 (I checked only upto top 100). A few keywords are now sitting at page 6 to 9 after the push. Age of my site is 4.5 months. I have used Web 2.0 sites with spun content (paragraph+phrase). Spun articles, comments, forum profiles for the tier 1 sites.

I wonder what is needed to be done now.

I have not used any private blog network posts for this site.
My sites seem totally stable. Perhaps it's your on-page seo? Or do you mean they're deindexed? What rankings are they at currently?
The penalty is slowling wearing from my sites. I had to do some hardcore stuff the last 3 weeks, but i'm still hanging by a thread. Google doesn't realize what they've done. Some of the most under optimized sites for my niche are now ranking in the top 3 spots where i used to sit. Just keep building quality content and hope for the best.
I'm seeing better sales actually .. Some sites that had a lot of link building starting to come back .. And sites with nothing done now ranking better.

Newer sites I think are really vulnerable to bad back linking practices.
I personally believe that many things are being penalized - using private networks, too high keyword density, too bad ration of links built/page visits, etc...

Regretfully I used in certain extend all of the above mentioned :eek:and lost rankings for about 100 keywords on my main site when it comes to true IM earnings...

But the problem is, that things just do not make sense for me, because some pages lost rankings completely, while some others have gained. And so I in fact have no idea what action to take at the moment...
I didn't get deindexed but my keywords are all over the place. I have some at 60 some at 500 etc. I wish everyone would start using bing.. It would make my life easier.

My sites seem totally stable. Perhaps it's your on-page seo? Or do you mean they're deindexed? What rankings are they at currently?
same here for me, few my webs are totally gone from serps
domain is still indexed tho
Same here, something gone totally. And used some VERY highly regarded SEO services from this very forum. :)

Need to start making some serious adjustments.
Some webs were tottaly crap with crappy content and crappy links, but some of them were quite hight quility with 100% unique content and handful quality links
seems to me that it is was no difference for G
Same here. Woke up to find my site and one of my competitors off page one completely. Fucking google. Next project will not be relying on them, Im sick of this
It's all bad backlinks guys... all bad links. With all twitter banning, youtube banning, google and facebook banning stuff happaning for the past months, blackhat techniques are getting more and more frustrating and don't deliver much success and result as in the past, sadly, but that's the part of our live nowadays.
It is not private networks per se but how those networks are used and are set up that get them banned.
Same for me, my links are indexed but a lot of thems in really bad postitions in google. I'm sad :(
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