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    I couldn't post to the JV forum, so hopefully someone will move this there or maybe see it here.

    I have a game website operated in the USA. It's a social game site that has some retro games, target for the 30+ audience. I got a new job and can't spend the time needed to keep it up anymore, and heck, I'm a programmer not an internet marketer.

    It has in the past made a profit, but currently it's in the red about half the hosting payment. I'm looking for someone to run the site (manage the admins, come up with ideas, promote the site.)

    There is no clear definition of the tasks at hand. I barely pay attention to the site other than pay the hosting bill. The types of things i'm think about are:

    Read the forum (5 posts a day), and stop the bickering (especially admins). Can the looser admins.

    Give them something to do to promote the site (whatever), can the ones that don't do it.

    Get some new blood in there (can post on site news).

    Come up with some ideas to make the site better, I'll do all the coding, unless you want to do a few html/ lines.

    The site is monetized already, but I'd have to explain how the CPA part works so you don't get all excited seeing the money come in. I basically get around 10% of what comes in, the rest goes into the "fund".

    I'm offering a percentage (double digit) of the profits, and will adjust the settings on reports so you can monitor things yourself.


    Contact me if you want to take a preview. The site has really good games, they are all custom written by me. Tournament system is built in for all games, prizes are given away, money is given away. Leagues are almost complete and fully automated. The forum is integrated 100%. Public chat, game chat and private chat (with permission granted).

    All ideas (from a fresh perspective) are welcome. I get kinda busy with my other job, so sometimes it will take a while to do things, but I get 'er done.

    I look forward to seeing any responses.