Simplest Journey to Practically Exploring & Observing Internet Marketing & Make ANY Money

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    Oops .. I guess the topic is deceiving a bit to distract some as if it's some big thing ... but let me make it clear .. It's a Simplest Journey I have decided to put together initially for myself and others (maybe :hmmmm2:) to test the real waters of Internet Marketing, Website ranking, Traffic Generation & last but not the least making money arenas.

    I have read a lot (oooh yes been reading for SOME YEARS :tool:, snapping in and out of this IM sea) I guess most of us do the same ... and 99% are like me only traveller on this endless path ... reading, dreaming, drolling, trying, giving up, starting again just to get in line with those 1% but it seems endless .... oh yeah and when SOMEONE talks about IM ... WE smile and talks as if WE are an authority or as if WE know it all. YET WE DON'T ... remember WE are 99% ... I know (WE KNOW) that reading or collecting info will not take us anywhere unless actions are taken. Yes i have subscribed to lots of threads in lots of forums, saved a lot of methods, my evernote is filled up of 100s of them ... stories could go on and on but actions are always missing.

    I am starting this thread to actually start doing things the most simplest way possible to analyze the outcome and learn some first hand experience of the real thing, i.e. making money. But my sole purpose is not making money in this journey ... I JUST WANT TO GET MY HANDS DIRTY (hope i don't get my pants dirty... :S ... ) ..... and feel the real shit of this plathora of information that i have in my mind ...

    No I cannot update this thread daily, but I will surely nail it this time and go the last mile. My simplest plan is to make a website, manage it properly, put some unique articles there, socialize it, market it using GSA or UD or just buying some service.... AND OBSERVE THE FIRST HAND OUTCOME

    The first and most important thing missing in this puzzle for most of us is PLAN ... (well thats missing in my life as well :weep: ... poor guy ... ooh that word "poor" struck my face hard ... "guy" is meaningless now .. :\ ...

    The Detailed Plan would be:

    Setting Up

    1. Pick a Market
    I already have some interest in an area and I would suggest hard to anyone to just go with your interest or something you know of a little bit more than average.

    2. Buy a domain & hosting
    I am going with GD as in my experience they have a simple procedure of installing WP & optimize a bit as well ...

    3. Setup WP
    Create new email IDs to associate with the WP admin (will go with gmail as it will be useful for analytics as well)

    4. Setup good WP plugins
    Besides GD's already installed plugins I will be using many if not all the plugins mentioned in "The complete guide to starting a website" by LukaB

    5. Google Analytic Installation

    Keyword Research
    I will only use Google Keyword Planner as being free and also best at this stage just as I said it's a real simple journey
    Compile a list of 5-8 Primary Keywords & 50 secondary Keywords
    Group Keywords into 4-6 Categories

    1. Will order 5 articles of 500-800 each from Fiverr & BHW .... I am also thinking to test odesk for 5 articles as I heard we could find quality there in cheap prices. I will only be satisfied with high quality content even if I have to proofread myself (though english is not my first language,,, but I don't have any help or source :( so will go alone in this journey dip myself till neck do or die ...

    2. Prepare those 10-15 quality articles with relevant images & good video from youtube. Images I can use some twist of my own as I am good in PS but this depends cuz i am not trying to make it complicated for me ... just pure simple .... let's see ...

    3. Schedule All 10-15 Articles to be posted in a span of 10 days (as socializing must be done to get attention so slow schedule in the begining and accelerate afterwords when social properties are a bit set ... Will order more articles afterward to keep the process flowing...

    1. Account Creation with same property name in FB, Tumblr, Pinterest, Twitter & maybe on Youtube
    2. Adding / Following relevant people / groups in each on daily basis ... making a total number of around 150-200 connections
    3. Relevant Quality Commenting / liking / sharing on each platform to get involve and drive attention... let's say @5-8 daily on each platform

    I don't know if I need proxy for this step and how to set it up properly as I am in China & can't access google many a times (feeling like being pressed like a sticker by the GREAT FIREWALL) ... using VPN mostly ... so would really appreciate some help to setup

    Back Linking
    I am thinking to go out wihtout back links to see the affect .... maybe i will hold for sometime and see if only the above can make some ripples. Anyway have to do linking .... so here is the simple plan

    1. Make 40-50 Quality Manual Spun articles from the original 10-15 articles ... making uniqueness level of upto 85% & perfect readability. will use MW's Article spinning Tuts to help me out ... Oh my God just to think of this step ..... tease in my back how deadly it could be to do it manually and make it perfect readable maintaining decent uniqueness .... let try folks ... (I would beg for help in this phase ... lol ... or maybe pay a bit to make it done.) ...

    2. Either use UD or GSA for making backlinks ... (learning curve will kill me.... I need a hand from heaven :p ... ) OR PAY the fuck to get it done.

    3. Lastly would think to test some linking service from BHW or Fiverr ... but after finishing all above.


    1. Will apply for an adsense account ( :weep: .. don't have it yet, will apply after the site gets attention...)
    2. If not Adsense or then affiliate or any other monetization methods ... surely would need help in this as well if YOU don't mind ... ( i feel like I am asking too much help .... help .. help .... well let the truth set me free ...

    And then just Observe & Analyze the traffic, performance, income & LEARN the REAL SHIT about all this IM & making money which is the Sole point of this journey.

    Oh man thats a long post ... just was giving up to proofread it ... but... hmmm ... ok ... do it ... :breakpc1:

    PS: Please sorry if I posted in wrong section ... I couldn't find a Journey section ... I hope i am not blind ... :bigeyes:
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    I kinda like your style of writing.... thoz full stops are kinda of sexy..... Any way i love chinez language but it won't come out..... aaauuuuggg..... lots of tongue twist almost broke mine LOL..... By the way im one of the 99% you mentioned, so that definetly means we are strong relatives....... with strong roots ha ha ha LOL... I dare you to update that post frequently.... coz i like it..... Or we can hang out on this forum and make a mastermind group and share ideas since we are relatives. Keep me updated and im following you now. cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeers.
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    Nice Share...
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    thank you all guys ^^