Simple Guide to Make Google Find your Website - For Beginers

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    One of the greatest misunderstands from who’s launching its website for the first time is: how to make google find my website? So I’m here to explain it for you today. In fact, there are lots of ways. Some methods just allow your website to be found, and others can also increase your domain and page authority.

    Conventional Methods

    Google has its own prefered and most suitable role model, the sitemap.xml register into Google Search Console. Disregarding the fact this is the most known and suitable method, there are tons of websites which didn’t use the method yet.

    This is the most efficient way to make Google index a website, because you’re giving your website’s pages at the most organized form.

    Google can also receive another formats, like a simple .txt archive with a list of all URLs from your website, 1 per line. Simple like that. And as well you can send it from the GSC, there’s no excuses not to have a sitemap there.

    Alternative Methods

    Those methods can also provide a way to get more traffic with other channels appart from just google search.

    Google will need a link which takes Googlebot to your specific page to find your website. As Google also uses links from other sites to find new pages, you can comment in blogs and forums with your website as signature (I’ll not further myself here cause in this case my thread would be in BlackHat subforum).

    WARNING: If you are willing to use this way, don’t overdo it, we’re talking about WhiteHat here so please, keep it WhiteHat.

    Following the same thinking, you can use other channels, like social medias as Twitter, Youtube, Google+, everyone that don’t block Google’s tracking. Popular profiles are often visited by Googlebot, so it can find a link to your website fastly.

    Again: don’t spam

    The best part of those alternative methods is that your website will reach the public directly and receive traffic from other channels while Google reads the sitemap to find your pages, classify and show into search results.


    - Sorry for my bad english, I'm not a native speaker.
    - I hope I have helped you.
    - If you disagree with something I wrote here, please reply advising me.

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