Shopping ads without merchant Account ??


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Feb 4, 2020
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Is there any way to run shopping ads without a merchant account?
Impossible. It's the first requirement
You need a merchant account .

Someone could make big money selling aged ones
i use threshold accounts, so in that case, I need to create merchants again and again for different accounts....
i use same threshold account to run my ecommerc ads and i dont know how to run products with threshold are you running merchant products do you create your main money site feed ? did you banned or not ? we can found any solution for us
No, this week tried to find a solution. But can suggest you to search for Google Premium CSS Parter, it could be your solution :)
it depends on Google. In that situation I call Google or text Google help and pretend that I am not a member of bhw.
Just tell them that have a client that has problem like this and don`t know what to do better to do that with another account.
Think that it could be the best solution in your case - in mine it works like a gold :)
Or you can play the game legitimately and stop with your fraudulent threshold shit. :)

You only get optimisation benefits like TARGET ROAS etc when you collect enough data.

Fraud won’t get you far
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