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    I hope this can be a helpful guide or spark some ideas for your next cold calling expedition. I have other scripts but need to look for them. I've worked in a lot of different sales environments, many telemarketing so please feel free to ask any script, dialing, leads or any other questions ... glad to help if I can

    1. Survey prospects:

    Call #1 -

    Hello Mr./Mrs.________________. My name is ______________________ with ______________________ & we're doing a very brief survey about windows [insert anything here] here in the Central Florida area & I just need to ask a few quick questions & get your feedback. This may qualify you for a gift card of your choice to _______________, ________________ or _________________.

    Ok......... (ask qualifying questions)..........


    Do you own your home? - (If NO, move on to next call)
    How many windows do you have in your home?
    How old are the windows?
    Do you have safety windows?

    Are your windows single or double paned?
    Have you ever replaced the windows in your home before?

    Ok, great, let me get this to our gift redemption department and if you qualify someone will be giving you a call back. Thank you for your time & have a great day!

    Go through the surveys to see which prospect may qualify & call back to schedule appointment.

    (2.) Schedule Appointment:

    Call #2 -

    Hello Mr./Mrs. ___________________, this is ___________________ calling back from the gift redemption department at ______________________. Congratulations! We were able to get you qualified for the gift card, by the way which one did you want? ___________________, _____________________ or _________________. Great! What we are doing is all free of charge & part of our program. We're going to deliver your free gift card to you & while we're out there we're going to do a free check on your windows. We'll check the temperature coming through your windows & we'll get you a free estimate on the window film products that we do offer for the home, guaranteed to lower your electric bill & keep the heat out & all we ask is that when you are ready to replace or tint your windows that you would give us a call back! It takes about 20 minuets & we do have a technician in your area today. What is best for you? Morning, Afternoon or Evening? (If today is not a good day, schedule for next day.....)
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    if i may add something here that may or may not help you better, but get to the point faster. Hit them with the gift card faster (if you are actually offering it) it hooks them to stay on the phone and not disc. good luck to you though.