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    I am a Front End Developer that collects emails from job postings that relate to my activity.My goal is to contact prospective clients looking for front end services as soon as they post their job postings online.

    I have a PHP/MySQL set up running on a linux amazon AWS.
    There, using cronjobs, I have a crawler script that collects data from a specific job posting website based on my chosen keywords.

    That data is then organized on a MySQL table and one of those columns has the email addresses I pretend to contact daily.

    The email agreggation works smoothly. The problem is that after gathering those email contacts I have to send my emails manually due to the lack of a sending tool.

    Here's where you'll come in:

    I need a server-side script running on the AWS server.
    I have to send an average of 1000 emails per day to prospective clients, using an average of 60 gmail accounts, sending a maximum of 17 emails from each single gmail account.

    That script will have to:

    Phase 1:

    Log into one gmail account.
    Send 16-17 emails to email addresses present on a MySQL database (located in the same server as the script you'll develop).
    Close gmail account and log into another (repeat process several times until all new emails addresses present on the db have received an email).

    The email sending script will look for new emails on the MySQL table every 60 minutes.
    It will, if new emails are present, execute once every 60 minutes until all new email addresses are contacted.
    You can use the time present on the DB to distinguish new emails from the ones already contacted.

    The email to be sent has roughly 200 words PLUS one website link.
    It will include the job posting title on the email title (present on the MySQL table as "title")

    It will have to do all this bypassing Gmail security capchas and phone confirmation.
    If there is a need for proxies to achieve this, proxy integration will have to be included on the script.
    If there's a need of actually opening a browser and simulating an actual user you'll have to provide with a solution cause the server is linux powered and not windows.

    It has to generate an output with: Email successfully sent to "email_address" at "time", Email could not be sent to "email_address" due to "error" at "time".

    Phase 2:

    Using the job description present on each row of the MySQL table: go through an array of technologies (PHP, Ruby, Mysql, html5, css3, python, java...) and add them to the email text if those keywords are present on the job posting description (also on the MySQL table as "job description").


    Job Description:
    I'm seeking a developer proficient in "Java", "Python" and "Ruby".

    Hello I'm John. I'm a developer with the following skills: "Java", "Python", "Ruby". And I also do front end development.

    The great challenge on this project is the Gmail security issues. How to log into dozens of different gmails without having the script stopped by a capcha or similar security measure.

    Send me a quote for the full project. Along with why you're qualified to develop this project.

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    Web/Bot Developer
    I just sent you a PM.
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