Serious Joint Venture - IM Niche - Endless Potential Profit


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Feb 16, 2008
Hey look,

Let me be frank. A lot of you know me on here because I try to stay pretty active, contribute, and I am always chatting people up with their ideas.

Additionally, I have sold various freelance services from affiliate promotion area creation to video tutorials, writing projects, website development, and more. I have also bought stuff from quite a few of you. :)

What I have in mind right now is in the IM niche, and is potentially a really easy way to generate consistent sustainable income over time. I don't need money right now because I am still flushing out the idea.

What I do need is someone serious with some time on their hands who might want to get involved, and start exploring ways to put the site together and setup a full blown launch. So ideally, I am looking for people who have done launches for their own SALES products in IM.

The HOOK for my site is quite unique in my opinion, and will likely prove very lucrative. If you are money motivated, and have the right experience for a project of this nature - and believe me - a full launch and product development cycle would kill most people....but if you can do it - PM please ASAP. We can setup some time to chat on skype.

I hate to have money making ideas not working for me. Cheers folks!
I like it when a plan comes together. I have found a partner. This opportunity has closed. Thanks!
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