Seperating different products by pages

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    Hi Black Hatters Bubble,

    Is there a way to tell Google that a page is a sub, such as using / instead of -.


    I receive 10,000 semrush traffic for brand

    5000 traffic for model

    3000 traffic for specific size of the product.

    Currently have different pages for different products, but thinking merging some together, while keeping high traffic separate.. Does this makes sense?

    I want to have separate pages, but prevent keyword cannibalisation.
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    For things like clothing brand and model should probably stay separate. Your variants could be combined into a single page for the model. At a minimum you should canonicalize the variants to the main product page.

    But for things like car parts you may want to keep them separate if that is how people search for them. So the correct answer depends on what you are selling and how people search for it.

    Keyword cannibalization can also be beneficial in online retail. For example most jewelry stores will carry dozens of sterling amethyst bracelets. Google will filter you to 2 appearing in the SERPs. when those sell out you can 410 error code them to tell Google to pull them from the SERPs quickly and Google will show the next to bracelets targeting the same terms instead if they are tuned equivalently. In this scenario keyword cannibalization is keeping your instock products in front of shoppers. (people will say you can do this with 301s, which is true but managing that is a nightmare and the 410 approach lets google do the work)