SEO Trick Get PR 2-6 Permanent Link for free!!!


Aug 5, 2010
SEO Trick Get PR 2-6 Permanent Link for free!!!

goto google and trye seach term :

Edit them and enter you link and save it , IF cannot press Edit you will need register before edit

say, when you site is ranking issue....
do this.. made 30 to 50 pr 4 links
ping them..
if site is not penalise it will rank in 72 hours

good luck !!
Tried few links. Got all Nofollow links pages. And almost all are with PR 0 except few which were PR 4.

I would like to know whether all links are nofollowed ?
I see that a lot are nofollow as well, I didn't look too much further into more sites...
Can anyone else give their opinions on this technique?
Is it effective?


Wikis are all nofollow man. Thanks for the trick anyway. Knew that trick for just earlier.
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