SEO Strategy Assessment wanted, is it blackhat?

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    I am setting up a Wordpress MU network of 1000 blogs that will be fed via RSS feeds coming from a free image host I prepared. The purpose is to do SEO for the free image host and the keywords are words like, nude (101,000,000) global monthly searches, or naked (45,500,000).

    I have one million pics on the free image host, 1000 for each of the 1000 blogs (fed via rss feed). I plan to feed 500 pics to each blog on a daily basis (500,000 posts) and the posts consist of a title that uses the target keywords, a picture that links to the free image host, a description that is the title text converted into a link (pointing to the image host) and a cloud of keyword tags that point to the free image host.

    All the posts will be reused more than once, applying different titles to avoid duplication (but still targetting the same keywords). Also, every 1000 items submitted to a particular blog, will be fed to the other blogs via the own blog's rss feed, multiplying the amount of posts by 1000 (using different titles to avoid duplication). That means, 1,000,000 pics are possibly converted into one billion posts.

    But I have doubts:

    Is the amount of post per day exaggerated, so the site will get banned from search engines like google, yahoo or baidu?

    Is this a good strategy?
    Am I able to get to google top 3 results with this strategy?
    Can anybody give me a timeframe to reach google top 3?

    Thank you for your time